Avoid The Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

The least you can do is to take care of and clean your area rug in the living room or runner rug in the foyer so that it lasts a long time and looks and feels as good as new.

It takes up a lot of room in your house to have carpet. It was probably carefully chosen by you to enhance the charm and magnificence of your dwelling. And who can argue against the pleasure and coziness of lounging with loved ones on a velvety, plump, plush carpet while watching TV or playing indoor games? And when it comes to caring for your carpet, the adage "if you look after your carpet, your carpet will look after you" holds. Hence, the carpet must be carefully and frequently cleaned. Your living room area rug or entryway runner rug does a lot for you, and the least you can do is take care of it and clean it so that it lasts a long time and looks and feels like new. Even while you may believe that you are using the proper techniques, this may not be the case. The seven most typical cleaning mistakes that individuals make while dealing with shag rugs, solid rugs, handmade rugs, and pretty much any other form of the rug are listed below.

Only Using DIY Cleaning Techniques

When it comes to your carpet, DIY techniques may be excellent for other household cleaning hacks, but they don't provide a trustworthy alternative. The internet has no idea how old your carpet is, what sort of wear and tear it has undergone, what conditions it is placed in, and much more. We advise using only approved cleaning agents or hiring a professional when cleaning your area rug at home.

Delaying The Cleanup Of Spills

Spills are unavoidable in homes with children and/or pets, but stains don't have to be. Don't put off cleaning up spills, liquid or food-related. To stop liquid from soaking into the fibers of the area rug, blot the spill right away with a soft cloth or even a damp wipe. Moreover, food should be taken out as soon as possible to prevent it from clumping and getting stuck between the delicate fibers of your handcrafted rug. We advise checking your rug once every week to look for any recent stains or unnoticed accidents.

Excessive Rug Wetting

We are all aware that water is the most accessible, simple, and effortless cleaning agent. It can remove stains from your runner rug or while cleaning a shag rug when used with a good chemical cleaning product. But, overusing it when cleaning your rug might also be a mistake. We call this error "over-wetting," which means soaking the carpet significantly too much during cleaning and/or failing to fully dry it afterwards. In addition to harming the adhesive holding the rug down, using too much water will eventually cause mold to grow and turn black. In certain circumstances, over-wetting your handmade rug might cost you money because it spreads the stain and results in a bigger patch of discoloration. Always thoroughly dry your rug before putting it back in its spot and use little water. It's also a good idea to periodically expose it to the sun to dry out any lingering moisture.

Applying Carpet Freshener

When you need a quick fix, spritzing cans of perfumed spray is a must-have, but they are extremely corrosive. Over time, they can do a lot of harm to your carpets. The risks are simply too great, from color fading to even bleaching your favorite handmade rug. Instead, choose steamers since they are highly effective at swiftly eliminating stains and odors! This is a far better solution than deodorizers, though you will still need to thoroughly clean the rug with excellent soap and water.

Refusing Professional Assistance

There is a good reason why specialists are so termed. We should trust them with their area of expertise because not everyone possesses the knowledge they do in their line of work. Experts in rug cleaning are the same way. Your pricey, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted rug would benefit more from receiving some much-needed Treatment from professionals. You can clean your carpet at home, but sending it to a pro cleaner once in a while is a terrific idea. The fibers of the rug typically have a lot of dust and other debris trapped between them that regular vacuums and ordinary solutions cannot remove.

Excessive Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning your carpet excessively or applying excessive elbow grease is rarely the best way to remove stains. When washing a shag rug or a handmade rug, doing this will only harm the delicate fibers, causing them to fray and make the rug appear worn out. Instead, use a clean cloth to dab the spilt stain.

Frequent Vacuuming Or Excessive Cleaning

This is a warning to people who practically everyday vacuum their rug: stop! The fibers will thin out, their color will fade, and the rug will fray if you clean the carpets frequently, use too many chemicals, or vacuum them constantly. And do we want it to happen to our rugs?

Cleaning your rug should be a mindless chore if you think about it. But, if you want to preserve your distinctive interior design rug or that pricey handmade rug, it also necessitates thought and consideration. When cleaning your rug, keep the aforementioned tips in mind, and your rug should live a long, healthy life in your lovely home.

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