How To Select The Right Carpet Colours For Your Home

Today's market offers a wide variety of rugs and carpet selections. The colour, pile type, material, price, and other characteristics of these goods differ. All of these things should be taken into account while choosing carpet colours for your home. But before you buy a new carpet, the most crucial choice you'll probably have to make is what colour carpet you want. You've come to the right place if you're unsure of where to begin when choosing the colour of your carpet. We're going through some pointers for picking the ideal carpet hues for your home! You can take current trends into account while choosing the ideal carpet colour for your home. Look at what's new and popular right now to see if it complements your interior aesthetic. Brighter colours, deeper moodier tones, new patterns, and distinctive carpet designs and characteristics can all be found in contemporary carpets.

It's crucial to consider how the colours will seem in your particular space when deciding on a carpet colour for your home. The quantity of natural light in your home and the size of your space can have a direct impact on the colour of your carpet. Before deciding on a full carpet, we advise obtaining samples in several colours.

Types of Carpet Colours


Neutral colours typically endure while trends come and go. They do have a classic feel to them and can last despite shifting decor fads. If you want a carpet colour that will go with almost any trend or style, a neutral carpet colour is a perfect option. Neutral carpet colours include greys, beiges, browns, and sometimes even hues of blue.


Dark hues can instantly transform a space, evoking feelings of elegance and cosiness while also concealing stains and filth in high-traffic areas. While looking for a floor for your entrance, corridor, or entertainment area, take into account dark-coloured carpets in blues, purples, maroons, and black.


By diffusing natural light, light colours, help to open up a space and can give the impression that an area is larger. Light colours are frequently utilised to lighten up smaller spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and nurseries. If you want to create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, choose whites, beiges, creams, or even light tones of green or pink. However, be cautious when installing a light-coloured carpet in a high-traffic area because dust is more difficult to hide. Instead, search for carpets that are stain- and mess-resistant.


Although grey is seen as a neutral carpet colour, it can also be quite the focal point. In addition to hiding spills and stains, dark grey carpet colours and tones encourage more dramatic and moodier designs. On the other hand, space is brightened and made suitable for many different design types by using light grey carpets. While light and dark grey may appear to be the only two alternatives for grey carpets, you may be shocked to hear that there are also some warm tones of grey carpets. These warm shades of grey are perfect for rooms with warmer wall colours and design elements.

Tan and Beige

Tan and beige carpets have long been popular choices for houses all around the world. This is because these carpet colours have a timeless appeal and go well with many different design types. Opting for a tan, beige, or brown carpet will ensure that you are investing in a carpet that will remain relevant through shifting design trends rather than going for that splash of colour or trend. This year, brown carpets are making a comeback as natural earth tones are making a resurgence in interior design. Additionally, pet hair and filth tracked in from the outside are perfectly concealed by brown carpeting. To distinguish your floor, go for patterned or textured rugs in brown, beige, or tan.


A Blue carpet is an ideal choice if you want to add a touch of vibrancy without overpowering your home with intense colours! Shades of blue carpet, whether a bold blue cut-pile in the bedroom or a patterned light blue carpet in the living area, can provide a subdued hint of colour to your decor.


Particularly for those sleek and contemporary homes, black must be included among the neutral carpet colour alternatives. A black carpet is a great alternative for households with a lot of activity and traffic who wish to conceal stains and spills since it not only makes a statement. The black carpet is a fantastic option for many houses and is available in a variety of tones, from dark to light.

Upgrade or Startup: Which Is It For You?

To begin with, if you're moving into a newly built house or remodelling from scratch, you may have a few more alternatives and paths to explore than those wanting to change the carpet while keeping existing furniture and wall colours. While there are lots of carpet colours, designs, styles, and patterns available for practically every house design, beginning from scratch provides you with a clean slate to work with. However, when it comes to carpet, wall colours, furniture, linens, and decor, it might be difficult to know where to begin. If you haven't decided on any interior design elements yet, we advise selecting a general colour scheme and a furniture sample or piece before deciding on the floor and then painting. When considering your finest carpet colour selections, bear in mind that it is far simpler to paint walls or rearrange furniture than it is to replace carpeting.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Do you enjoy a tranquil beachfront life with your family and dogs or without them?

While you might not anticipate it, your lifestyle has a lot to do with the colour of your carpet. Although carpet qualities like stain resistance and ease of maintenance have advanced significantly, it's still far simpler to choose a carpet that fits your lifestyle rather than stressing about keeping it clean all the time.

When it comes to food spills and messes, pet accidents, dirt and debris, and other problems, light neutral colours like white, light beige, and any other light colour are more challenging to keep clean. However, depending on the durability, they may be kept just as clean for tranquil homes and rooms like dens, living rooms, and bedrooms. It is better to choose a deeper neutral, one with specks of several vivid shades, or even a carpet with a pattern if your home is filled with small children. For homes with busy lifestyles or active families, other colours like deep grey, blue and green tones, and multicoloured carpets are also excellent. This is a terrific guideline to bear in mind when deciding on the ideal carpet colour.

Eliminate Any Colour Schemes You Dislike

This advice may sound straightforward, yet it's one of the most crucial. Don't even consider the carpet colours that you find to be unappealing. To avoid having to consider them later, take them out of the list of alternatives at the beginning. Being honest with yourself is preferable to wasting time thinking about colours that you'll probably end up disliking.

Keep Your Wall Colors in Mind

Unless you're willing to change your wall colour, consider it while choosing a carpet colour, whether it be navy, cool grey, warm grey, white, or light pink. The undertone of wall colours is something that is frequently forgotten while selecting a carpet shade. You may have grey walls, but is the tone of the grey warm or cool? Instead of having your home look somewhat odd, it is preferable to pair warm colours with other warm colours and cold colours with other cool colours. If you can, browse at carpet colours while carrying a paint sample of the colour of your walls, it will give you a better notion of whether the carpet will go with the colours of your walls and your furniture. Bring a few swatches with you if you're willing to modify the colour of your walls so you can determine your preference.

Although there is no denying the powerful statement that a pattern makes in your design, if the room is already filled with a lot of patterned items, such as furniture, wallpaper, and artwork, stick to a solid-colour carpet. A carpet in a single solid colour is generally the best option if you have limited space because you don't want to overcrowd it with competing visual components. By using one hue to anchor the other objects and colours in your room, a solid carpet can help you create a cohesive look for your room. By giving the appearance of more depth, patterned carpets are a terrific way to change viewpoints in your house. For instance, you might give the impression that a room is broader by adding horizontal stripes to a compact space. Now that you believe you have chosen the ideal carpet colour, what comes next? Our advice is to order some flooring samples and experiment with them for a bit rather than jumping in headfirst and making a purchase. Check out our vast selection of carpets to get started if you're looking for the ideal carpet colour for your house.

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