Decorate with Blue Carpets & Rugs in India

The best Indian handwoven blue carpets to spruce up your space.

blue sofa & a beautiful carpet
blue sofa & a beautiful carpet

Blues & Teals

Batik Blue Dhurrie
Batik Blue Dhurrie

₹899.00 ₹1,200.00

Glaze Denim Bathmat (Pack of 2)
Glaze Denim Bathmat (Pack of 2)

₹999.00 ₹1,198.00

Glaze Teal Bathmat (Pack of 2)
Glaze Teal Bathmat (Pack of 2)

₹999.00 ₹1,198.00

Glaze Denim Bathmat

from ₹599.00

Glaze Teal Bathmat

from ₹599.00

Casablanca Blue Beige
Casablanca Blue Beige

₹3,759.00 ₹4,532.00

Palos Blue

from ₹3,759.00

Luna Teal Grey

from ₹3,759.00

Efecto Indigo

from ₹3,759.00

Melange Grove

from ₹3,759.00

Silver Scarlet Ripples

from ₹3,759.00

Doumo Blue Round


Dolce Grey

from ₹14,700.00

Granito Sable Cyan


Silver Cyan Verdure


Umber Cryptic Setts

from ₹3,759.00

Tessere Teal

from ₹14,700.00

Doumo Blue

from ₹49,654.00

Vayu Golden Blue


Mosaic Crimson Azure


Mosaic Gray


Cobalt Tartan


August Azure


Glory Autumn Blue


Make Blue Rugs a Part of Every Room in The Home

A handmade blue rug is one of the greatest ways to add colour to your decor. A hand-knotted rug crafted by hand can survive for centuries. It is manufactured by skilled craftsmen utilising ancestral know-how, and those who purchase a handmade rug are deliberately choosing to support artists and the craft that has provided them with a living for ages. Each rug is a unique piece of art made by hand. Even if the design is similar, no two handmade carpets are the same. Instead of taking home a home décor item, you're bringing home an artwork that you can walk on. Handmade blue carpets, particularly hand-knotted rugs, are the most durable of all types of rugs. These rugs, like the art form, may be passed down through the generations. Most handcrafted carpets become family treasures that are passed down through the years.

Blue is the most popular colour since it is so adaptable. It's one of the most prevalent decorating motifs you'll come across. A blue coloured rug may be used in a variety of ways to adorn your room. Incorporating the colour blue into your design is a terrific way to make your area seem more relaxing. Blue is a relaxing hue that is associated with water and the sky, and it may foster emotions of calmness and clarity. A blue area rug is a simple way to bring the colour blue into your house. Blue carpets are adaptable, laid-back, and go with any décor style. Whether you favour bright colours or muted tones, we have a blue accent rug for you. Check out our favourite blue rugs, which you can simply incorporate into any space of your house.

Make Your Living Room Beautiful with Blue Carpets

A stunning blue and white carpet in the living room will draw attention. The vibrant colour scheme and detailed design work well with an off-white sofa and blue throw cushions. To enable the spectacular rug to remain the focal point, keep the rest of your design modest.

Decorate Your Dining Room with Blue Carpets

A faded blue dining room rug will provide a vintage feel to your home. The soft hue and simple design offer just the right amount of interest to this otherwise neutral area. The area has a mild bohemian atmosphere thanks to the off-white and beige tones blended with natural textures like the woven seats and rattan lamp bulb.


A dark blue kitchen runner gives depth to an otherwise all-white kitchenette. The elaborate design and rich colour palette provide interest to the otherwise plain area. In a large layout, place your kitchen rug where you stand the most, such as in front of the stove or sink.

Make Your Bedroom Attractive with Blue Carpets

A blue rug will provide some soothing tones to your bedroom. A Persian-style rug's brilliant teal blue tone adds richness to a room and balances off dosage green ceiling and rust-red bedding.


Sometimes it's best to keep things simple. A navy blue rug is an ideal way to inject a splash of colour into the bathroom without deviating too far from the neutral colour scheme. The lush gives just the proper amount of cosiness to an otherwise modern environment.


A blue office rug will bring a sense of calm to your desk. The bold Persian-inspired design complements a bohemian vibe, while the rich colours bring elegance and depth to the room.


A blue and white outdoor rug will transform your patio into the perfect peaceful haven. The traditional and modern stripe design adds an exquisite touch to a neutral patio. For a quirky and surprising twist, mix and match various designs on your chairs or throw in a few cosy cushions.

Blue instils a sense of peace and joy. The colour blue is connected with freedom, serenity, creativity, and innovation. It signifies the sky and the sea. Blue is a cool, relaxing colour that denotes intellect and innovation.

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Are blue carpets good for home?

Blue carpets are ideal for spaces with limited natural light. As they absorb less light than darker carpets, they keep spaces brighter. To breathe life into a space, mix light blue rugs with brighter colours.

How can I make my blue carpet look nice?

If you're used to neutral-coloured carpets, designing a room with a blue carpet might be a difficult task. Depending on the shade of blue, you may pick from a range of design schemes that either tone down or play up the blue, depending on your inclination.

Why Choose Villedomo for blue teal carpets?

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