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A Beginner's Guide to Leather Carpets & Rugs

Leather may appear to be an unconventional fabric for a rug, there are numerous appealing area rugs made from leather segments, recycled or upcycled leather. Some leather carpets are labelled as "100% cowhide" rather than "leather." Cowhide rugs are constructed of cowhide leather and come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are constructed from whole, continuous animal skin and give rooms a "Wild West" or Southwestern feel. Sheepskin rugs are also available in the leather collection. Sheepskin area rugs with irregular shapes might be white, steel blue, champagne, pink, black, beige, or midnight blue. Rectangular fake sheepskin rugs with honeycomb designs in pink, blue, or grey are also available. Leather strips or leather and cotton carpets can be used in any design concept. Although leather rugs are soft, they can be bumpy and uncomfortable to stand on for a long duration. It all depends on the kind of carpet you select and how it was manufactured.

The Look of Leather Carpets & Rugs

Leather carpets may appear to be a jumble of brightly coloured confetti. The best rug companies frequently offer these leather shag rugs. The carpets might be fashioned out of discarded scraps and have a bohemian feel to them. Leather carpets are a statement item for tiny rooms, but they are too difficult for any area with a lot of foot activity. In humid or damp locations, avoid using leather area rugs. Leather rugs are ideally suited for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms, dens, or offices, although some are suitable for moderately used living rooms.

Colour and Pile Height- Leather Carpets & Rugs

Artisans often blend leather and cotton in certain leather carpets for a delicate feel and earthy ambience. This material is long-lasting and is a good choice if you don't have much time to replace damaged carpets. To extend the life of your leather rug, you'll still need to lay a rug pad below. The majority of leather rugs are available in neutral or earthy hues. Grey, dark brown, beige, or a mix of these hues are popular rug colours. Patchwork quilt rugs in vivid colours are handwoven in-studio leather patterns. Smaller studio leather rugs can also be used as wall art. Tangerine, dark blue, crimson, and silver are just a few of the colours that may be dyed into solid colour carpets. The pile height of most leather carpets is less than 0.25 inches, however, 0.5 and 0.25-inch pile rugs are readily available. Carpets with a thicker pile aren't as popular as those with a thinner pile. Leather rugs, including runners, are available in a variety of forms and sizes at

Enhances A Room's Appeal with Leather Carpets & Rugs

Leather carpets provide a space structure and aesthetic appeal. Leather has ridges that can develop into a natural pattern over time. It will appear to be a natural element of the space without being too boring or overly familiar. Unshaved leather adds individuality to your space while softening it. Leather rugs in solid brown, beige, or black are a macho accent to any study or "man-cave." They look just as good with hardback novels as they do with sports memorabilia. Patchwork or confetti leather rugs in brighter colours offer individuality to a young adult's room or a couple's den.

Chindis are leather carpets created from scraps of leather and other materials that may have multi-coloured strips in a distinctive but not overpowering pattern. Flat-woven or shag carpets are both options for leather carpets. Machine-made carpets are available, as well as hand-crafted or hand-tufted rugs. In a den or living room, use leather area rugs to accent leather furniture. Make sure the rug is in a low-to-moderate usage area, but next to a leather couch or chair to create the illusion of matching (or slightly mismatched) set.

Quite Long Lasting

A high-quality leather rug may survive for decades and be valuable as an antique item. A well-crafted leather rug, like quality leather clothes, remains fashionable while other items become outdated. Leather that has been aged is supple, yet it is also tough. Some varieties of leather carpets may withstand mild foot usage and still appear brand new. Unlike low-cost synthetic or fragile silk rugs, leather rugs can withstand years of pet visits. Dogs enjoy lying down on leather rugs and may do so without causing damage to the material.

Care & Clean of Leather Carpets & Rugs

A high-quality carpet will not have a significant odour, or if it does, it will diminish within a few days. Keep the rug out of direct sunlight and vacuum it often using a brush attachment. Scissors can be used to cut off any stray ends. Every year, get your leather rug professionally cleaned. Shake area rugs to eliminate dust and grime between professional cleanings. The leather will not be scratched as a result of this care. Rotate your rug every few months to reduce wear and tear, and avoid placing it beneath heavy furniture. The rug's fringe will be ripped off if you use a beater or roller bar on it.

Use a clean, natural cloth, for blotting up any spills on rugs. To minimise punctures or other damage, keep metal furniture feet away from leather carpets. Real leather will stain easily if you use over-the-counter chemical cleaners on it. Spot clean using eco-friendly cleaning products. Leather rugs should not be cleaned on a carpet or wood floor. So that the dye doesn't run and stain your living room floor or other interior surfaces, clean the rug outside or on a metal or concrete platform. Use a little amount of foam spray and gently blot spots. Apply a tiny quantity of cleaning to the stain until it disappears, then wipe away the residue with a clean white cloth.

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