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The Lux Collection

Have you ever considered that a carpet could be a good investment? Our Lux Collection represents rugs of prime quality. The quality of the materials used to make these rugs has a significant impact on the appearance of the carpet and its capacity to provide elegance to interiors. The Lux Collection rugs are made with the highest quality wool, spun from the fleece of animals such as sheep, camels, and llamas, or silk threads, which are both exquisite yet durable. Strong and resilient yarns are used in the creation of these finest carpets, allowing the rugs to keep their beauty for decades. The colours and texture of these carpets are retained for a prolonged period with no extra maintenance other than regular vacuuming. Rugs from the Lux Collection are not only useful but is also aesthetically appealing.

The value of rugs from The Lux Collection soars over time. As a result, in addition to enjoying a comfortable and beautiful artefact, you may proudly exhibit a work of art made by world-renowned designers. If the rug is custom-made, the value of your investment increase even more quickly. Designers' most unique creations are valuable enough to be considered museum artefacts. Being able to have such models in the house is a pleasure not to be overlooked by individuals who love the world of art.

It's hard to discuss our Lux series carpets without addressing the procedures that go into their creation. The most traditional-looking carpets are created by knotting threads a million times around a loom's warp. The knots can be more or less dense depending on the quality of the yarn used, resulting in carpets of varied textures and patterns. Hand tufting is a relatively recent method that is employed in the creation of some of these trendy carpets. The threads are not knotted by hand in this case but rather secured on a canvas with the use of a particular gun or hook. This approach produces soft carpets, that have highly distinctive patterns, and need less time to create.