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Decorating With An Orange Rug

Orange, the colour of happiness, is also the colour of fire, and decorating with orange indeed adds vitality to a space that can make it feel more cheerful and lively. Orange carpets and orange decor may have a gently sunny to a flamboyantly powerful impression, but what we receive in the end is a sense of vitality.

Orange carpets, like many other colours, have a psychological influence that is primarily dependent on the situation. When an orange rug is used with bright green accents around the room, the orange takes on a flowery tone, reminiscent of Gerber daisies. Orange can feel like a vibrant and frenzied source of inspiration and enlightenment when surrounded by stark white and neutral tones. When you mix orange carpets with reds and deeper neutrals, you'll get the sunset orange look. Consider how nicely orange fits with an autumn harvest motif as it does on a bottle of Clinique's Happy aroma.

When it comes to selecting a colour scheme for your home's design, orange is unquestionably one of the more adventurous choices. That's why designing a room with an orange carpet can be so difficult. Whether you choose the carpet to make a statement or are stuck with it by necessity, there are many ways to make its orange tones work in your space. The issue is to decide whether you want to emphasise or detract from the vivid hue.

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Maintain a Neutral Tone

When it comes to balancing the effect of vivid orange carpeting, using neutral tones is a wonderful option. The rug seems more modest when the wall colour is comparable in depth to the orange tone of the carpet. Choose a light neutral like white or ivory if your carpet is a pale peach tint.

If your carpet is a brilliant orange or a rich terra cotta, use a darker neutral like tan or grey for the walls. Dark neutrals like brown, charcoal, or black can be used for furniture and accessories to provide depth while maintaining a low-key style.

Take a Chance

An orange carpet is the perfect focal point for a statement-making home design. To add drama to the area, the idea is to create a sharp contrast with the warm tones of the carpet. Blue is a logical choice for the walls because it is the hue opposite orange on the colour wheel. Choose a light blue like sky or robin's egg for decorating a tiny room. In a bigger space, a darker tone like blue-grey, cobalt, or navy could be preferable. To contrast with your orange carpet, you might pick a cool-toned green like sage. If you want a warm, strong effect, though, combine your carpet with a warm colour that isn't in the orange family and has a different depth.

Concentrate on Orange

You might utilise your orange carpet as the base for a monochromatic aesthetic for a simple, stunning effect. Surround it with various orange tones to give your home a warm but contemporary feel. Create a contrast between the walls and carpet to add depth to the design by matching light and dark orange colours. To add complexity to the design, choose soft orange tones like peach, subdued orange shades like terra cotta or burnt orange, and vibrant orange alternatives like tangerine. If an all-orange room is a little too much, add neutrals like white and brown to help balance the effect.

Keep This Quiet

To help tone down the orange, furniture items like bookcases and cabinets can help conceal some of the exposed portions. However, when selecting an area rug, aim for one with no more than two colours, one of which is neutral. When your rug is busier, it may appear as if you're attempting to hide the orange rather than toning it down. A brown and cream area rug or a gold and tan rug would look great with an orange carpet.

Orange and turquoise are a complementing and lively colour combination that never fails to wow. Style an orange rug with pink or purple decor and accessories for a more feminine and whimsical look. Orange carpets aren't the finest choice for a bedroom because of their high energy level.

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