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Outdoor Rugs: Just What You Need to Know!

Spending time on the porch, deck, or patio when the weather changes from winter to summer is a great way to enjoy your home, but constructing a useful and attractive outdoor area may be tough. Everyone wants to enjoy the great outdoors while still having access to the comforts of home.

An outdoor rug is one component of interior living that may truly enhance your outside environment. Rugs have personality, bringing colour and charm to even the tiniest of areas.

When most people think of outdoor rugs, they envision something similar to a welcome mat. Outdoor rugs, unlike welcome mats, may be found in a range of stylish and practical designs. Unlike interior carpets, outdoor rugs are created using weather-resistant materials and processes. Here's all you need to know about outdoor rugs to help you comprehend the different types.

The Make

Outdoor rugs, unlike interior rugs, are composed of materials that can endure the weather, which is why indoor rugs should never be taken outside. They also keep up well in high-traffic regions due to their sturdy materials. 

Typically, outdoor rugs are made of synthetic materials or plant fibres. Plant fibres such as hemp, jute, sisal, and seagrass are popular alternatives for outdoor carpets since they are long-lasting and eco friendly. They are also stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance. Outdoor jute rugs, unlike other natural fibres, should be put in a covered porch or patio since they can be harmed by moisture and mould and mildew.

Polypropylene and polyester, both man-made fabrics, are popular choices for outdoor carpets. Polypropylene rugs are extremely stain-resistant and long-lasting. The majority of polypropylene outdoor carpets are UV resistant and may be dyed in a variety of lively designs and colours. Polypropylene rugs are a comfortable option that is also inexpensive.

The Care

Outdoor rugs are low-maintenance, but they, like interior rugs, need to be cared for if they are to last. It's also a good idea to use rug pads for your outdoor rug. Rug pads safeguard both the rug and the surface it is placed on by acting as a barrier between the rug and the surface it is placed on. Pads also prevent the rug from slipping, making it safer to use.

Vacuuming your outdoor rug is also recommended to keep dirt from accumulating. Before vacuuming, remove your vacuum's beater bar, as you would with most rugs. A carpet sweeper or brush, as well as a strong shake or even a leaf blower, are some wonderful ways to clean the dirt off outdoor rugs. If a spill occurs, clean it up as soon as possible; allowing it to sit for too long might cause permanent damage. Although most outdoor rugs may be washed in the washing machine or rinsed with a garden hose, you should always check the cleaning tag on your rug before getting it wet. While outdoor rugs can withstand forces of nature, it's advisable to clean and store them when the weather changes and temperatures drop below freezing point. When storing your rug, ensure the bottom is facing out.

The Maintenance

It's just as much pleasure to shop for an outdoor rug as it is for an indoor rug. Outdoor rugs are just as fashionable as interior rugs, yet unlike indoor rugs, they may serve several purposes and are typically less expensive. Keep these pointers in mind to ensure the longevity of your outdoor rugs.

  • Select the appropriate material for your outdoor space. For open locations, synthetic fibres are the ideal choice because they dry rapidly and don't mind dampness. Natural fibres are strong and long-lasting, but some can't withstand rain, so they're ideal for covered porches, patios, and gazebos
  • Don't forget to get a rug pad. Rug pads are a must-have for every floor, whether it's inside or out. They assist in extending the life of any carpeting
  • As soon as a spill occurs, clean it up as quickly as possible. Always verify the rug's unique care instructions, but most spills may be cleaned up with a basic dish soap and water solution
  • After a downpour or a wash, hang outside rugs in the sun to dry. Before putting them back together, make sure both sides are thoroughly dry. Dirt and other outdoor debris may be easily removed with leaf blowers
  • If you live in a snowy location, clean and store your carpets before the winter season begins. Before storing a rug, make sure it's clean and wrapped in plastic to keep pests out

Is it possible to use outdoor rugs indoors?

Outdoor rugs can be brought inside, while inside rugs should not be taken outdoors. Outdoor carpets are designed to resist high usage and harsh weather, making them a great choice for families with children and dogs. They're also moisture-resistant, so placing an outside rug in damp locations like the basement, laundry room, or bathroom is a smart way to avoid mould and mildew. Outdoor carpets come in a variety of styles that may be used to complement any indoor setting. They're also softer than you may imagine, allowing you to binge-watch on the rug while still playing with your dogs and children. Outdoor carpets are also very easy to maintain and clean. Mild soap, a multipurpose scrub brush, and a hose can clean most outdoor carpets.

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Slip off your shoes and dig your toes into your fashionable and useful outdoor rug while you enjoy some fresh air - now that you understand the nuances of outdoor rugs.