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Floral Carpets to Transform Your Decor

Spring generates a feeling of renewal in all of us, and this is especially true in home decor. As the days grow longer, the weather warms, and colour returns to the landscape so do our desire to dust off the cobwebs, remove the clutter, and make some fresh new adjustments to our homes. Fortunately, rolling out a floral rug is one of the simplest ways to quickly transform the look and feel of your house!

Floral designs are one of the most effective methods to bring new blossoms home, according to interior experts. Whether you want a conventional or modern look, floral themes are one of the most traditional and timeless designs you can add to your decor. There's bound to be a floral print or rug that will go with your existing décor, with a vast choice of colour combinations and designs in small and big sizes. Still not persuaded? Continue reading for some important advice on how to refresh your interior design with floral carpets.

Modern Patterns of Flower Carpets

Large scale floral designs are ideal for those who love clean lines, contemporary forms, and a current colour palette in their decorative. For a sleek urban vibe, choose bold, oversized blossoms in modern colour schemes like lime green and grey or even black and white. Large scale flower designs in pinks and purples are particularly great for teen rooms or nurseries, and they may bring a fun, yet traditional touch to a bedroom or study.

Traditional & Bohemian

Traditional rug patterns have always used floral themes. Small size floral designs, when combined with vines, scrolls, and medallions, may give any area a tropical flavour. This style of rug is perfect for Bohemian or even Fusion aesthetics, and it can give your living room or master bedroom a cosmopolitan feel. Typically offered in neutral and earth tones with rust, green, and navy accents, this type of rug is also ideal for Bohemian or even Eclectic tastes and can bring a worldly vibe to your living room or master bedroom.

As a bonus, this style of flower pattern area rug is totally at home in even the most masculine settings, thanks to its earthy tones and tiny size designs, and complements dark leather furniture and hefty wooden accessories nicely.

Artistic & Mid-Century Modern

Watercolour flowers are one of the most popular motifs for area rugs, and for good reason: they're bold, global, and lovely. These flower patterns in the impressionistic style appeal to a wide range of preferences and may be mixed and matched with a wide range of interior types. Watercolour flower area rugs complement the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic beautifully and look great with vintage-style furniture and design.

Florals Carpets with Mixed Motifs

When it comes to floral rugs, another style that's gaining traction is blended designs. Look for a floral area rug with a repeated patterned backdrop if you want a truly show-stopping centrepiece. Leaves, vines, scrollwork, and fleur de lis may all assist to break up the lovely blossoms on your area rug, giving interest and depth to the pattern.

If you prefer changing up your home decor from season to season, a flower print rug is a must-have for spring. For a fashionable modern atmosphere, choose an 8 x 10 flower design rug in watercolour shades of turquoise, purple, and rose pink. Roll your rug up and store it carefully away until you're ready to prepare for cooler weather again, or use it in the guest room or study. With decor loaded with lovely blossoms, welcoming the season into your house is simple and delightful!

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