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Handloom Rugs

A rug is an excellent complement to any room. Handloom carpets, in particular, are distinctive in appearance and feel. They are even more long-lasting because they are made of sturdy and durable material. If you've ever wondered how your favourite handloom carpets are manufactured, you've come to the correct place.

The Process of making Hand loom rugs

Handloom carpets are typically woven on a vertical loom with a mounted warp. The weaving method has a significant impact on the quality of the rug produced. The base of the rug is made up of two groups of crossing threads. A small thread is used to keep the fibre strands together. The depth of the pile height is determined by the thickness of the rod. Unlike machine-made rugs, which commonly include fringes, most hand-loomed carpets are sealed at the ends. After the weaving process is finished, the rug is subjected to chemical washing to soften the yarn and provide a more comfortable experience. The rug is thoroughly cleaned with water after chemical cleaning. The rug is then laid outside in the sun to dry.

Hand Loom Rugs Raw Materials

Wool, Viscose, Polyester, Linen, and Nylon are just a few of the materials utilised to make handloom carpets. Top-quality handloom carpets have a greater knot count because the weaves are tightly linked together, resulting in durability. Local craftspeople create the rugs. Each artisan's innovation is distinct, resulting in the creation of one-of-a-kind carpets.

Hand Loomed carpets, in general, are best known for their characteristics and convenience. It has become highly well-known for its numerous excellent design advancements, and as a result, the majority of current users favour it. In today's contemporary world, technology has advanced significantly, and as a result, demand for handlooms has grown significantly in India. Various distinctive improvements, such as recycled rugs, thick casement, silk materials, and jacquard weaved carpets, are now regarded as the finest choice. There are some of the most sophisticated advantages of employing handloom carpets that you may discover.

Characteristics of Hand loom rugs

Yarn for these handloom carpets is of great quality, therefore you must capture numerous powerful effects in a top-notch method. The feel and appearance of handloom carpets are both distinctive and effective. It is ideal for making the home's design to the next level. When you decide to purchase this hand-knotted rug, you must keep a few factors in mind that will have a significant influence on the value of your handloom rug. The quality of the wool is critical since it has the potential to boost the shine in your rugs. Wool handloom carpets have grown more popular for a variety of reasons. Since the quality is higher, it may survive for extended periods.


Handloom rugs are said to be reversible since they have the same colour and good quality on both sides. There is a wide variety of yoga rugs available on the market, and these rugs have complete cushioning to provide you with a nice and soft touch feeding. It is easily accessible in a variety of sizes and colours to meet the needs of the consumer. You should be aware that these handloom carpets are particularly constructed, with an absorbent surface that is readily cleaned. You should now understand everything about the primary procedure involved in the most advanced handloom carpets based on the situation described above.

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Carpets are often decorated in geometric patterns and motifs such as boxes, stripes, checks, and so on. When compared to other handcrafted carpets, they require less time to make. They are fairly heavyweight due to the double backing and hence do not bunch up or fold. They are available in a range of colours and styles and may be mixed and matched with various types of decor.