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All About Hand-tufted Rugs

Handmade carpets are works of art created by artists who have practised and passed down this historical art form for generations. While looking for the appropriate handmade rugs for your house, you will come across many sorts of rugs or a variety of weaving techniques, the most common of which are hand-knotted and hand-tufted. A hand-tufted rug is often of greater quality than a machine-made rug, but it is less sturdy and precious when compared to a hand-knotted rug precisely constructed by an artist. They aren't entirely distinct pieces of art, but they are considerably closer than other weaves since they are made by a weaver on weaving or looming machine with no person guiding the design or the yarn.

Some hand-tufted carpets may be confused with hand-knotted rugs. They are frequently fashioned of wool and may endure for up to 20 years depending on the maker and materials used. Hand-tufted carpets are not constructed on looms, but rather using equipment known as a tufting gun. A tufting gun is used to cut additional designs into the rug. A hand-tufted rug can have a colourful, geometric, floral, paisley, or striped design, or anything else you've seen on a machine manufactured or hand-knotted rug. A hand-tufted rug commences its journey with a stretched canvas on a frame, and then a tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas with the design traced on it. The procedure is less laborious and time-consuming than that of a hand-knotted carpet, and it requires less talent. The scrim backing on the reverse is the simplest method to identify and-tufted carpets. To complete the carpet, a fringe is frequently applied by glueing or stitching.

The Process of making hand-tufted Rugs

A hand-tufted rug is made by a textile worker or craftsman by laying strands of wool or yarn on a frame and pounding the strands with a tufting tool. This procedure is faster than hand-knotting, and anybody can learn it and manufacture a hand-tufted rug without much instruction. A weaver begins the process by creating a background with a pattern. The tufting gun is used by a textile worker or weaver to inject yarn or cotton into it. After all of the yarn or other material has been inserted into the design, a scrim is applied on the rug with latex adhesive to keep the fibres together. The carpet loops are then sheared by the weaver, making the rug flat and ready for foot circulation. Check the back of a rug to see if it was hand-tufted. You can see the coating that has been put to secure the tufts covered by canvas or another sort of material.

Value & Longevity of hand-tufted Rugs

A hand-knotted rug will survive longer and will have a more distinct design than any other rug weave. It can be handed down across generations, from grandparents to parents to children. Hand-tufted carpets will offer you your money's worth if you're on a budget or have too many everyday dangers, such as children or dogs, to feel safe purchasing an expensive rug. These rugs are less expensive than hand-knotted rugs and allow you to have many rugs to adorn different sections of your home. They wear out faster, but if properly maintained, they will last at least 10-20 years. 

Not all hand-tufted carpets are created equal. Some carpets' latex may exude a petroleum-like odour and degrade with time, or it may even emit latex dust. As you clean a tufted rug with this condition, the latex dust may adhere to the rug surface and cause the rug to develop a yellowish hue when it dries.

Decorate Your Home with hand-tufted Rugs

Hand-tufted carpets may be used as an accent element on hardwood floors. Consider whether your rug will be placed in a high-traffic location. A crowded hallway entryway might reduce the longevity of your carpeting. Hand-tufted carpets may be used to decorate by placing them beneath couches, chairs, or even dining room tables. Large tufted carpets may look great in lofts or other industrial-styled environments. A tiny, "fluffy" tufted rug can also be added to a bathroom vanity or dressing area. There are no hard and fast rules regarding where to lay a tufted rug, but keep in mind that the more footfall, sunshine, and spills the rug is subjected to, the sooner it will need to be replaced.

How to Care Your hand-tufted Rugs

Vacuum your hand-tufted carpets once a week to remove any dirt and dust. If you want to get rid of additional fibres in your rug, vacuum it once a day or until the extra fibres are gone. Rotate the rug regularly to control the amount of sunshine and foot activity it receives. Shaking or beating a hand-tufted rug will harm the fibres. If the rug becomes discoloured, scrape it as soon as you notice it and vacuum the residue. Use a towel and lukewarm water to wipe moist patches. Dampen the stain, soak up the water, and repeat until the stain is erased. Excessive water might weaken the adhesive that holds the yarn together.

Since the back (glue) and piles of a hand-tufted rug degrades, it may shed. To keep the rug from shedding, use a rug pad or lightly clean it, or transfer it to a low-traffic zone.

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