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All You Need to Know About Silk Carpets

Have you discovered the right Silk rug but are concerned about its upkeep and durability? We've got the answers to your concerns regarding silk rugs and what it takes to properly care for a new or inherited silk carpet.

Silk is produced from silkworm cocoons and is prized for its brilliance and exquisite charm. Climate, the worm's food, and where the worms live all have an impact on the shine of the silk as well as its colour retention characteristics. Silk, like cotton and wool, is a natural fibre, yet it is the most delicate of the three. Silk strands are more prone to breaking, which is why great care should be taken if you want a silk carpet. Another characteristic of silk fibre is that it has no "memory," and hence loses its form when wet or tugged. This contributes to the delicate nature of the piece.

Difference Between Natural And Synthetic Silk

Often, the price is the most distinctive attribute. Silk is a costly material. Some producers try to imitate silk's shine, lustre, and tenderness, but only real silk feels like real silk: smooth, rich, and slightly waxy. The weave of real silk will still contain tiny bumps or grooves, but the weave of fake silk will be smooth and uniform. Artificial silk does not retain the colour as well as real silk and wears out faster. Viscose and acrylic are more likely to wrinkle and come apart, show dirt more readily, and discolour or fade with time. Real silk is far more luscious than viscose, rayon, acrylic, and polyester. Rubbing a rug's fringe aggressively is the quickest method to tell if it's 100% silk or not. It's silk if the cloth feels warm to the touch. Fake silk does not retain heat, whereas silk does. Real silk can tolerate foot traffic better than fake silk.

Care For Your Silk Carpet or Rug

It pays to take care of a silk carpet if you possess one. A well-cared-for silk carpet will keep its nice looks for a long time. Using a brushless vacuum attachment with low suction is one of the finest methods to clean a silk rug. Sweeping using a brush to take up surface dirt and debris before it becomes entrenched deep inside the pile and more difficult to remove is also a good idea. If a liquid spill occurs, blot it up as soon as possible using a clean, dry cloth. Scraping at spills might cause the fibres to snap or be twisted out of shape. Never try to wash or thoroughly clean your silk carpet at home, save from moderate vacuuming or sweeping. Cleaning your rug with soap and water at home might cause irreversible harm. It's usually a good idea to get your silk rug cleaned by a specialist.

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Considering its delicate nature, real silk is remarkably durable when it comes to using, and unlike synthetic silk, it can tolerate foot traffic without displaying damage. If you know how to care for your silk carpet, it will age gracefully.