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Creative Ways to Use a Small Size Rug

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to purchasing an area rug. Rugs do not have to be square rug or rectangle rug, and they do not have to fit into a certain place, such as under a coffee table or a bed. It also does not have to take up the bulk of a room's space. Small size carpets may be fascinating and can be readily integrated into any space in the home. 

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Relatively small decorative rugs are trendy, utilitarian, and adaptable, adding flair and texture to your home decor. A duvet or small size accent rug quickly adds colour to otherwise dreary places such as foyers, kitchens, and mudrooms. Small rugs are often inexpensive, making them a cost-effective solution for homeowners wishing to give a room a facelift without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favourite places to use a stylish small size rug that is sometimes ignored.

Welcome Small Carpets

Welcome mats are something we've all seen. Mom and Grandma most likely kept one at the front door as well as the garage entry and reminded everyone to clean their feet often. A small size rug isn't just for the front entryway. When placed beneath a mudroom bench or hall tree, a vividly patterned small rug looks beautiful and serves as a shoe storage area.

Sidle up the laundry room by placing an accent rug in front of the washer and dryer; not only will you have something to add to the area, but you will also have a welcoming place to place the laundry basket. Outdoor rugs are perfect for mudrooms, laundry rooms, and foyers since they are made of more durable materials and are easy to clean. These carpets are also reasonably priced, making it possible to switch up the appearance periodically.

Play Rugs & Carpets

Many houses may rapidly become lost in the cacophony of infant and toddler care equipment, furnishings, and toys when children arrive. While homes should change and become more child-friendly when children arrive, you do not have to forsake your design preferences. Small carpets are ideal for use in playrooms, beneath highchairs, or with a child-sized table and chairs set. The playroom rug may be used by children to play, paint, and dine on, and mom and dad can just brush it off. If food and drink spills or paintbrushes stray off the paper, there's no need to worry because spot cleaning or washing isn't an issue.

Play rugs, like seasonal decorations, maybe cycled. A warm red or orange accent rug under the high chair or playroom table welcomes autumn, and when winter begins to bite, swap it out for tranquil blues or drive away from the winter blues with a striking yellow throw rug. Pet owners may do the same with accent rugs under food bowls and pet beds, allowing these objects to fit in rather than stand out.

Kitchen and Bathroom Rugs

Recall when Mom used to buy three rug matching sets for the bathroom?

One fit nicely around the toilet with a neat square cut, while the other found a place in front of the sink. There was a rug-like toilet seat cover too. We are no longer limited to the traditional rug selections for the bathroom and kitchen. Accent rugs are a great addition to the kitchen and bathroom, but they don't have to come in pairs or be of the same colour.

A modest outdoor rug placed outside the shower or tub serves two functions. It provides a place to stand when drying off and adds some colour to the bathroom. You may also put a rug in front of the sink, depending on the size of your bathroom. If you have boys, you understand why the toilet rug and cover have fallen out of favour, and a strategically positioned rug between the tub and sink provides the same purpose without becoming a target. As previously said, high chairs and pet bowls are great places for interesting patterned throws since they spice up an otherwise boring space while giving visual interest.

For the Perfect Porch

It is very usual to use the front porch as an adjunct to the living room. A small accent rug on the front porch goes beyond the typical welcome mat and may tie the furniture arrangement on the porch and the rear deck together. Just keep in mind that while outdoor rugs may be used indoors, interior rugs are not meant to be used outside. Put an inviting rug beneath those rockers and a pair of matching pillows for a postcard-worthy front porch impression. You'll have even more fun changing out the porch accent rugs to fit the seasons and holidays.

Putting small size rugs on top of previously carpeted sections can be a low-cost method to give a space a new look without replacing the carpet entirely. A stylish area rug may conceal a plethora of carpet sins such as grape juice stains and pet mishaps.

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