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Carpet Textures: A Beginner’s Guide

The carpet might have a bad name, especially if it has the imprints of those who lived on it before you. Nobody wants to move into a house or apartment where the carpet is soiled. However, if you're replacing your home's flooring, carpet may be a highly practical, cost-effective, and, yes, even appealing solution. Bedrooms, playrooms, and even comfortable nooks or living spaces benefit from carpeting. If you're thinking of placing carpet in your house, it's crucial to know all of your texture options, because there are a lot of them. There is an acceptable carpet texture for practically every part of your house, whether you want something soft and fluffy under your bare feet before bed or something more sturdy where a lot of kids and animals will pass through. Continue reading for an in-depth look at the most prevalent carpet textures, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Types of Carpet Texture

Let's take a look at how carpet is made before we get into texturing. Carpet is created by looping yarn around a backing material repeatedly in the same way that a needle and thread would. Nylon is the most common yarn used, as it is a soft and durable material, however, carpets can also be constructed of polyester or wool. The length of the loops of yarn, any change in the arrangement they're in, whether they're tightly twisted or looser, and whether the loops are cut or left intact, or a combination of both, define the look and feel of the carpet overall—a.k.a. its texture.

  • Level Loop Pile - Textured carpets with level loop piles feature uncut loop piles that form a tight overall texture with no particular pattern or variety. The carpet is less soft due to the tight loops, but it won't reveal footprints or vacuum marks, making it a good choice for high-density areas.
  • Berber - Berber texture carpets come in a variety of styles, but the most common is a flat loop pile composed of thicker yarn in a neutral tone with specks of colour. It's long-lasting and ideal for high-traffic areas, and the colour diversity helps cover dirt and stains.
  • Cut Loop Pile - For its longevity and the fact that it's an excellent middle-of-the-road solution for places with both light and heavy foot activity, this sort of textured carpet is extremely popular. The loops are cut uniformly and at a modest height, making this carpet texture smooth while yet holding its shape. Changing the density of the pile and the amount it is twisted can somewhat modify the feel of this type of carpet; plush or velvet carpets, which are ideal for more formal and less-trafficked settings, also come into this category.
  • Saxony - Another form of cut-loop carpet is Saxony, which has longer pile extents and is more profound and soft. The densely packed, twisted piles in this more formal carpet texture stand straight up. They quickly reveal tracks and footprints due to their height and uniform orientation, making them a useful alternative only for low-traffic areas.
  • Friezé - Friezé is similar to Saxony in that it has a longer cut loop pile, but the tightly twisted piles lie in numerous directions, giving it a less uniform appearance. The carpet remains thick and soft, yet it works well in high-traffic areas since footprints and vacuum tracks do not disturb piles that are all facing the same way. Friezé piles are termed shag carpets when they reach a specific length.

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Various carpet textures can be made by mixing heaps of various lengths or even cut and unbroken loops in both cut and loop piles. In a single-colour carpet, this is often done to produce a noticeable geometric pattern, such as stripes, diamonds, or anything else.