A Quick Guide To Select The Right Rug Size

There's no way you can get this one wrong because rugs frequently act as the focal point of a room's décor. While the design will be influenced by your personality and the personality of the room, several technical and practical considerations will affect the size of the area rug.

Selecting the ideal rug size for your space is just as crucial as selecting the ideal rug pattern. There's no way you can get this one wrong because rugs frequently act as the focal point of a room's décor. The area rug size relies on several technical and practical considerations, whilst the design will rely on your personality and the personality of the room. For you to know how to measure the area and the rug size guide that is appropriate for it, we have separated everything down according to each room in your home. But first, let's go through some guiding principles for determining the correct rug size.

1. If In Doubt, Choose A Larger Rug

We advise picking the larger size if you have to choose between sizes, meaning the rug you desire doesn't have the precise dimensions of your space. It is preferable to a smaller rug, which gives the space a cluttered and cramped appearance.

2. Consider The Room's Arrangement

It seems to reason that larger rooms would often have larger rugs. Long rooms will also require carpets that are oriented the same way. Choosing the proper rug size requires a thorough understanding of dimensions.

3. Final Review

Try to picture how the rug will fit into the room in terms of size before you click the "purchase" button. By using a painter's tape to simulate the measurement, you can quickly visualise this. It needs to appear proper from every angle.

Make sure you give at least 18 inches of space around the frame when measuring your area. This will build routes. If the room is small, 8" should be adequate. Additionally, allow yourself a 2" error margin. Make careful to account for the borders of an outdoor rug when calculating its size.

Here is a rundown of each room using the only rug size chart you will require:

Living Room

The best rug size recommendations are even more crucial for living rooms so that your rug doesn't seem out of place or out of scale. Your area rug should roughly match the size of your living room's seating area. It is quite simple to ground the area where visitors are entertained and talks take place when you put your rug according to the sitting area. You may position the rug to match the curve of the space if you have larger furniture items that aren't against the wall. This will prevent any visual oddities and aid in giving the impression that the room is larger than it is. There are three possible arrangements for the living room: all furniture legs on the rug, only front legs on the rug, or only the coffee table on the rug (and no furniture legs). Make sure to choose a rug size that will enable at least 6" of the rug on either side of the sofa if you have one so that it doesn't seem out of place.

Here is a more thorough explanation of each layout along with a rug size recommendation for each:

1. On The Rug, All Legs

For this arrangement, a huge area rug is required. It works particularly well for rooms with an open layout or sitting arrangements where none of the furniture is against a wall.

2. Rug With The Front Legs

This is a less expensive choice that works well for furniture that is positioned against a wall. It is adaptable and gives the seating area a more measured and well-planned appearance.

3. Only A Coffee Table And A Rug

Choose this layout, which doesn't have any furniture legs on the rug, to save yourself some extra cash. It is ideal for smaller, more constrained living areas. Consider the entire interior of the seating area when determining the rug's size rather than simply the space around the coffee table.


You come home to your bedroom after a long day at work. It may be even more aesthetically beautiful and cozy with the appropriate rug placement and rug size guidance. When it comes to rug size, you may arrange your bedroom according to one of three layouts: all legs on the rug, two-thirds of the bed on the rug, or merely runners on the side. Let's examine each in more detail:

1. On The Rug, All Legs

The area rug size for this arrangement will be the largest, similar to the living room. You'll need to put the bed, any side tables, or a seat at the foot of the bed on the rug to do this. Keep in mind that your rug should stretch up to 18 to 24 inches on each side, not only to the edge of the bed.

2. A third of the bed on the rug

The cost of this common layout solution is cheaper since it requires a smaller rug than the one used previously. Your bed will be framed but no additional furnishings will be included. An 8x10 rug for queen beds and a 9x12 rug for king beds are perfect for creating an unbalanced, asymmetrical aesthetic.

3. Runners on the Side

This arrangement, which is the most cost-effective choice of the pack, is ideal as a rug size recommendation for smaller spaces. The runners should only project to the edges of the bed, not beyond them. It should be broader than the nightstand in terms of width.

Dining Room

Even while the "all legs on the rug" arrangement works best in the dining room, the most important rug size advice you'll need for it is to match the form of the dining table, depending on whether it's round or rectangular. To make the dining area seem unified, don't forget to account for the 24"–36" extension beyond the chair legs. You might want to reconsider your choice if you believe you can simply make a rough visual estimation of the size of your space and the appropriate carpeting for it. The correct area rug size will help you limit your options while also giving the impression that the room is grounded.

You won't need to call an expert if you have this thorough rug size guide and a breakdown of rug sizes for each significant room in the home. No matter how striking the pattern, keep in mind that the size of your area rug will determine how it appears in the room. Therefore, the next time you get a rug, measure it precisely and keep the aforementioned advice in mind to make the operation go much more efficiently.

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