Watch the Rugs & Carpets live before you buy. Try before you buy

How to Use Villedomo Liveview ?

1. Make sure your space is clear so that the Villedomo carpet can cover as much of the floor as possible

2. On our product page, select the Villedomo carpet you want to sample in your room. Scroll to the bottom and select "View in AR."

3. Set the carpet down, revolve and scale it. Use two fingers to do this right.

4. All models are resizable and may be resized by squeezing two fingers together. Toggle to move up or down for the best fit

5. While you may scale the carpet to match your room, this is only an estimate; you'll need to measure your space to get the exact size

6. The tool's major aim - to help you pick amongst carpets you like and obtain a preview of how they'll appear in your room

You can also shoot images and videos to assist you in selecting the best Villedomo rugs and carpets for you!

Remember to tag us @villedomo #villedomo

For iPhone Users: Make sure you're running the latest IOS version
For Android Users: Enable AR by default in settings


Villedomo Live View

Raise a toast to our all-new cool, cathartic and transformative technology, the Villedomo Live View!

You can now use the camera on your phone to arrange all of your favourite Villedomo rugs in your room and see how they resonate. Aim your camera towards the floor, move it around, experiment with our wide range of different patterns and sizes, and there you have it. Put that carpet you've been admiring in your living room, bedroom, or study, next to your favourite sofa, or against that perfect wall colour you finally found.

Which is better: greens or blues, reds or oranges, pinks or purples? We love spoiling you for choices, so here's a one-stop answer to your unsolved dilemma. Now you get to decide how many hours you want to spend playing with this amazing new technology.

Bid goodbye to hesitation, and say hello to the amazingly precise Villedomo rugs and carpets for any location.