Eco-Friendly Rugs For A Sustainable Home

If you prefer to go green, start with Villedomo’s ECO Collection. These rugs not only make your home beautiful but also enables you to care for the planet. Villedomo sells varieties of eco-friendly rugs that help you in building a sustainable home. In this blog, we are going to discuss some things that will assist you in knowing more about eco-friendly rugs and why you must choose them.

Why go for eco-friendly rugs?

  • Biodegradable: Rugs that are made with eco-friendly materials are biodegradable. This means that other living organisms and bacteria can decompose without risking pollution. Additionally, you can recycle your eco-friendly rug. As a result, you will be able to use your rug for other purposes in the future.
  • Durability: If you had been an owner of a synthetic rug in the past, you may have noticed wear and tear in many places once it got old. However, it is not the same as an eco-friendly rug. They are very durable. For instance, jute rugs are suitable for high-traffic areas in your home. Eco-friendly rugs are ones with thick fibres. That is why they can outlast most rugs.
  • Easy to clean: Dust and debris can easily get into synthetic rugs. But, it is tough to get them out. An eco-friendly rug is made up of natural organic fibres that make it easy to clean away dirt with a vacuum.
  • All about style: An eco-friendly rug is naturally made which makes it stand out from other rugs in terms of its appearance. They come with unique patterns and can go with any piece of furniture that you have in your home. Moreover, these rugs grow old gracefully so no matter what their age is, they will never appear worn out.

What are the different kinds of eco-friendly rugs?

Jute Rugs

Jute Rugs are rugs that are made up of plant-based materials. So, they are the most eco-friendly rugs that you can choose for your home. They are woven from jute plant fibres. These fibres are also common in ropes. Jute rugs have a beautiful texture that makes them suitable for layering and they are also quite affordable.

Cotton Rugs

As the name suggests, these rugs are made from the fibres of cotton. They are not only eco-friendly but also greatly durable. It offers a comfortable underfoot softness. And, they also can hold bright dyes quite well.

Sisal Rugs

Sisal is a natural material that is mostly found in rugs. It comes from the very durable plant fibres of Agrave. Similar to jute, sisal rugs can withstand foot traffic and are also best for adding a textured look to any room.

Wool Rugs

Wool is abundant and renewable which makes it a sustainable material. When you invest in a wool rug, you will be able to save your money in the future. It is because they are stain-resistant naturally.

Hemp Rugs

Hemp fabric is a naturally made material from the herbaceous plant fibres known as cannabis Sativa. It has more anti-bacterial properties than any other type of natural material. This makes it resistant to mildew, rot, and mould.

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo is produced sustainably. This is because it does not have any pesticides and it is also a biodegradable and eco-friendly material.

How Can You Increase The Lifespan Of Your Eco-Friendly Rugs?

You can buy an eco-friendly rug to have a sustainable home. However, sustainability is also about how you take care of your eco-friendly rugs and make them last longer.


Repurposing an old rug will help you to upcycle it. For instance, you can recycle your existing eco-friendly rug and then turn it into a DIY rug basket. 

Taking Proper Care Of Your Rug

If you take care of your rug properly, it will remain in a good condition for an extended period. Make sure to vacuum it now and then so that dirt does not get stuck within the fibres. Spot-cleaning will allow you to remove any stains.

 Recycle And Donate

When you want to buy a new rug and get rid of an old one, donate your eco-friendly rug to local charities if it is not worn out. You can also connect with recycling services locally to know whether they will be able to recycle your rug for you

Washable Air-Dry Rugs

Do you own any washable rugs in your home? Avoid the dry and hang-dry your eco-friendly rug for saving some energy. Do not forget to wash it with an environment-friendly detergent.

How To Know a Rug is Sustainable?

Quality is the most important feature of a sustainable rug. It is because a rug experiences much foot traffic. You require a rug that can be durable and stand the test of time. Dirt does not get much in an eco-friendly rug and as stated earlier it can be removed easily with the help of a vacuum.

A sustainable rug must be made up of natural, plant-based materials. When you have a non-toxic rug, you will be able to create a healthy environment in your home. Most rugs that we have discussed are made up of natural fibres.


Eco-friendly rugs are made from natural, renewable materials. They are biodegradable so they will not be harmful to the environment. At the same time, they provide a textured look that makes them look unique in comparison to other rugs. Sustainable rugs are also durable and easy to clean.

There are plenty of natural, eco-friendly rugs. For instance, you can choose between jute, cotton, sisal, wool, hemp, and bamboo. To take care of your rugs, you can follow a sustainable approach. Lastly, to get the best quality eco-friendly rugs, you can visit Villedomo. Having an eco-friendly rug will enable you to build a sustainable home. Thus, with us, you can take a step towards sustainability.

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