How To Maintain & Care For Your Carpets?


People used to confuse rugs with carpets until the 19th century, but a carpet covers the floor from one wall to the next. A rug could be of any size, depth, or shape. Previously, carpets were the desired piece of décor, but currently, rugs are the preferred ones. One probable explanation for this, we do not want to carpet the entire floor. Nowadays, there are various types of carpets available. You need to take complete care of carpets for them to last for decades and adorn your space. Every home has a few priceless relics, but none are as unique as a carpet produced by professional artisans. Apart from talents, Villedomo's rugs and carpets are handcrafted with passion and enthusiasm. You can keep your rug new and colourful for years after you've found the ideal piece for your space, with complete rugs care. A quality rug provides comfort and delight to your feet. Not only does it decorate a room, but also brings joy and stimulates the soul. These lovely carpets are ageless symbols that connect utility and beauty, as well as a space and the people who live in it. The longevity of these carpets contributes to their timeless appeal; if a magnificent work of art can survive a long time, it is due to good carpet care and maintenance.

Useful Tips To Maintain And Keep Carpets And Rugs In Good Condition

Here are some helpful tips that will take good care and preserve your rugs and carpets for years.

1. Cleaning Dust And Dirt - the best carpet care

When cleansing your hand-knotted carpet, take extra caution. Soil, gravel, and dirt can make their way into the pile's base, and abrasion can damage the wool fibres, resulting in pile loss. For good carpet care, take the carpet out and carefully brush it with a broom to dislodge the debris stuck between the fibres, then flip it over and repeat the process. To keep your carpet in good shape, vacuum once a week or as often as you like in the direction of the pile. Vacuum both the back and front sides of a carpet, making sure to protect the fibres. When vacuuming, be careful not to brush the loop carpets. Vacuum cleaners with rough bristle roller bars or beaters will tear the edges of the carpet and ruin the pile. If there are any loose threads on the carpet's surface, snip them using a pair of scissors. When vacuuming a Kilim or a hand-knotted carpet, avoid using high suction settings and avoid vacuuming the fringes, since the fringes can rip off by prolonged usage.

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2. Deal With Uneven Wear

A carpet will wear out or fade in the same region due to heavy use in some spots. Spin the carpet 180 degrees every few months to avoid this. This ensures that foot traffic is uniformly spread throughout the carpet's whole surface. The discolouration is also more likely if the carpet is exposed to direct sunshine. To avoid uneven wear, spin the carpet.

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3. Deal With Curling

Curling can occur for a variety of causes, including the packing and shipment of a new carpet, rolling the carpet while storing it, or the weight of the furniture. Allow some time for the carpet's base or back to relax once it is unpacked or laid out if it refuses to lay flat. Try moving the carpet in the other direction to speed up the unwinding process. If you wish to dry your carpet in the sun, remember not to dry it in direct sunlight during the monsoon and to dry it in the shade during the summer. If your carpet gets wet during the monsoons, the wet wool will degrade faster and emit a foul odour. Carpets consisting of natural materials such as wool, cotton, and silk can be affected by dampness. If moisture is trapped in your carpet, it can lead to moth infestation and mildew growth. However, if you own a Villedomo carpet, you are in luck since our carpets are moth resistant, so you don't have to worry about moth infestation or damage to your carpets

4. Deal With Spills - the complete carpet care

Accidents happen, no matter how careful you are, and they are unavoidable. Food and drink spills are fairly common, and they must be attended to and removed as soon as possible. Read the carpet labels for wash symbols and advisories before dealing with spills. You can spot clean or dry clean your carpet once you've double-checked the guidelines for your specific carpet type and material. Blot up liquid spills with a blotting paper, paper towel, or a clean cloth to absorb the liquid, and scoop up solid spills with a spoon. Rubbing the carpet will cause the stains to penetrate deeper into the fibres. Work the stain inwards from the edges to the centre. Until the spill has dried, blot or cleans it up. If you're going to use detergents or cleaning solutions, try them on an isolated area of the carpet initially. If the carpet colour transfers to the white cloth, or if you're unsure how to clear the stain, we highly advise you to seek expert help. Although you may discover various techniques to erase the stain on the internet, make sure you use them at your own risk. If you want to be on the safe side, you should contact a professional carpet cleaning right away.

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5. Avoid Heavyweights

Your carpet may be damaged by heavy furniture. If the base or legs of your furniture are spiky and made of metal, use protectors before placing them on top of your carpet to avoid crushing or flattening the piles. Keep flower pots away from your carpeting. If you truly want them on your carpet, have flower pot trays at hand to prevent any additional water to spill. If the pot leaks, it will harm the carpet, causing it to become perennially moist. Within two or three weeks, the carpet's base might deteriorate to the point where chunks can be removed from the afflicted region by hand, ruining your carpet. It's much better if you can keep them away from carpets.

6. Deal With Creases And Wrinkles - The Best Way To Clean Carpet

To prevent creases or wrinkles on your carpets, lay a clean, thick, and dry towel over the wrinkled region, then iron over the towel a few times in the pile direction. If the pile of the carpet does not return to its normal shape, repeat the process, but make sure the iron does not come into direct contact with the carpet.

7. Deal With Pet Problems

Carpets are appealing to pets because they can hone their claws, scratch, chew, or pee on them. Their acts, however, are detrimental to the carpet. You can teach your pets to scratch a scratching post or chew a toy. When pet hair builds in a carpet, use a stiff soft clothes brush or a multipurpose brush to gently brush the carpet until the dirt and hair stop coming out. If left neglected, pet urine can cause serious damage such as rotting and discolouration. You can regulate your pet's actions using a squirt gun, which you can use to train your cat or dog to stay away from the carpet.

8. Carpet Storage

Carpets are best stored by rolling them up tightly width-wise and placing them horizontally. Begin rolling from the side of the pile that is opposing the pile's direction. Use rope or yarn to tie around the carpet to keep it from unrolling. Wrapping the carpet in plastic will keep it from ventilating, so avoid it. Safeguard against moths and bugs using mothballs or silica gel pouches before wrapping them in a ventilated cloth. Make sure the carpet is completely covered and sealed to prevent water and humidity from entering. To avoid damage, store the carpet in a well-ventilated, dry, or climate-controlled location. Do not store carpets in a closet or attic without monitoring for moths and humidity every month or more. Carpets should not be stored in the basement because the wet atmosphere might cause irreversible dry rot. When you roll up the carpet directly on the floor for storage, it should never be wet or moist. Moisture that cannot leave or evaporate from beneath the carpet can lead to dry rot, so lift a moist carpet up to allow air circulation. Keep the carpets out of direct sunlight. Avoid storing the carpet in an upright posture since it will lose its form.


Protectants aid in the prevention of dirt and moisture from penetrating deeper into the carpet. They can also help to prevent fading caused by prolonged sun exposure. If you want to save money on carpet maintenance, trust us when we say that stain-resistant solutions are one of the first and most important lines of defence and a lifesaver! Your carpet is constructed to survive for a long time, but it won't if you don't maintain it properly. It's a good idea to set up a carpet cleaning plan with a professional carpet cleaning business for the best results. These experts have the skills and know-how to clean and maintain your carpets carefully, ensuring that they last as long as possible. Most carpet professionals prefer professional carpet cleaning every 18 to 24 months.

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