Know The Various Kinds Of Rugs Based On Their Construction

What does the construction of a rug have to do with its everyday use? Flat, knobby, shaggy, plush, silky, smooth - the world of rugs and carpets is full of exquisite characteristics that frequently connect with its weaves. We cherish them all at Villedomo. With thousands of rug styles to choose from, we're here to assist you in understanding rug construction types and other nomenclature. If you've ever wondered what a hand-tufted rug is or how it may suit your decor, this blog is the quick lesson we created for you!

Flatweave Rugs Add Elements of Interest to Every Space

Flatweave rugs and carpets live up to the expectation, without any pile and a flat weave. These finely weaved carpets have a lovely diversity of patterns, making them a good fit for any space. They have an uncanny ability to fit under doorways with lots of room to spare. They're also commonly reversible. Flat-woven carpets come in a variety of styles, from classic Persian to vividly unorthodox. The styles you may get with a flat-woven rug are endless! Do you want to go deeper? This mini-course on flatweave carpets was created to provide further knowledge on this gorgeous, long-lasting rug style. Since flat woven carpets are often thinner than other construction styles, a rug pad should be placed below them to avoid slipping.

Hand Tufted Rugs Are Handcrafted Floor Coverings That Are Soft

Individual threads are placed into a "tufting gun" and pushed through a canvas to form a cut and looped pile when a rug is hand-tufted. To hold the threads in place, a fabric backing is bonded to the final arrangement. Hand tufting creates a tight but soft underfoot impression. The majority of our hand-tufted rugs are made of wool, which is a durable and inherently water-resistant material, although others are made of synthetic fibres. Keep an eye out for shedding when picking a wool hand-tufted rug. Vacuuming regularly will assist to decrease shedding with time. Additional considerations, including the pile height, where the rug is placed, and how much usage it gets, can influence the amount of shedding your experience.

Hand-Woven And Hand-Knotted Rugs Are Unique Works Of Art

Hand knotting of rugs has been practised for thousands of years. The "Pazyryk" carpet, dating from the 5th century BCE, is the world's oldest rug. Hand knotting of carpets is an old art form and master trade that is still practised today. It all starts with a "cartoon," a drawing on graph paper. The weavers then take the pattern and start constructing the rug one knot at a time. Each colour of the yarn is picked and tied (knotted) onto the 'warp' according to the graphed arrangement. The density and quality of a rug are determined by the type of knots used, the size of the wool strands, and how firmly the knots are tied and pounded down. A high knot count suggests a higher quality rug for beautiful "oriental" carpets. However, it is worth remembering that the quality of a rug is determined by a variety of criteria other than knot count.

Handwoven and hand-knotted rugs are made on a huge loom with a "warp thread" extended from the top to the bottom of the loom and a "weft thread stretched from the left to right sides of the loom. Along the warp and weft, rows of knots are knotted. Natural fibres such as cotton, jute, and sisal are hand weaved at Villedomo. As a result, each rug is a unique addition to your space. If you want an organic texture, handwoven and hand-knotted rugs are a terrific alternative. Handwoven carpets are prone to "Sprouting" (fibres poking out from the surface). Pulling these out would harm your rug. Trim the thread down to the rug's face properly.

Hand-Hooked and Hand-Looped Rugs Are Durable and Beautiful

Small loops of fibre are dragged through a canvas and sealed with a protective backing to create hand-hooked and hand-looped rugs, which have a soft, knobbed feel. These carpets are sturdy and long-lasting thanks to hand-hooking and hand-looping. Plus, a vintage-inspired design rug is always in vogue! Hand-hooked with water-resistant synthetics, some of Villedomo's most popular outdoor rugs are not only soft but also weather resistant. Most of these carpets also look fabulous indoors!

Machine-Made Rugs Provide More Creative Options

Carpets created on an electrically controlled loom are known as power-loomed rugs. The majority are synthetic with serged borders. Machine-made carpets offer a distinct advantage: the pattern options are virtually limitless. We have power-loomed rugs in every colour and design, all made of long-lasting synthetic fibres.

Shag Rugs Add Coziness and Compassion to Contemporary Spaces

A shag rug would be a legendary carpeting material if there ever was one. Although shag rugs were formerly associated with the Brady Bunch, they are now more relevant than ever. The feel of a shag rug is even more appealing than its appearance, bringing a cosy, comforting accent to any environment. Although shag carpets are made in a variety of ways, they are recognised for their bulkier, "shaggy" or "fluffy" appearance. Shag rugs are available in a wide range of textures and lengths, all with the same plush texture.

We hope you enjoy daydreaming about texture as much as we do, and that you have found the courage to buy carpets that appeal to all of your senses. When in doubt, check the reviews. Our one-of-a-kind carpet and rug collections have inspired countless throughout the world, and we're still growing!

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