Make Your Living Room Look Like A Zen Garden With Rugs

Rugs can always make or break the look of your living room. That is why you must always select rugs that enhance your Zen and enable you to feel comfortable. On the other hand, if you go for rugs that do not stand out, it will ruin the ambience of your living room. In this blog, we will help you know how to choose rugs for the living room.

How to decorate your living room with rugs?

Selecting a colour scheme

When choosing rugs for the living room, it is important to decide the colour scheme that you will be going for. This will add texture and warmth to your entire living room. So, do not be afraid to experiment with colours.

Earlier, most of us used to select neutral tones when it came to rugs for living room ideas, however, people are now exploring a variety of colours that give a playful vibe and reflect your personality. Villedomo’s Bare Silver Orange is the type of rug that while preserving the neutral tones, will also add a creative touch to your living room.

Go for a trendy design

If you are currently on the lookout for carpets for living room ideas, then you can choose the latest trendy designs. Floral patterns are on trend now so if you have a special inclination for all things natural, then select rugs that have such patterns.

Bare Dark Blue Copper Aqua offers a regal look to your living room. Its floral theme gives a fresh style to your living room. Moreover, the dark blue colour also provides a soothing effect to your room so in case you are thinking about decorating or renovating your living room with a floral theme, this rug will be your best option.

Opt for natural materials

If you like all that is eco-friendly, then you must also opt for a rug made up of natural materials for your living room. These rugs have a subtle look but also make your home look versatile. However, make sure to keep your rug away from humidity as well as moisture so that it can last for a long time.

Choose Modern

Nowadays, people have a minimalistic approach when they select a modern décor for their living room. Thus, to brighten up the look of your room, you can choose luxury rugs for the living room that come in vibrant colours. The Pearly Blooms rug from Villedomo gives you the kind of contemporary feel that you want for your living room. And, its delicate colours uplift the look of your living room. 

Another way to give a modern feel to your living room, you can select a neutral backdrop to enhance the colours of your rug. Altogether, your living room will have an elegant and classy appearance.

The Perfect Size

It is significant to go for a carpet or a rug that transforms the look of your room immediately. For this, it is equally important to view the size of the rugs for the living room. It is because the size of the rug is essential for defining your room. A large rug can make your space look congested with its designs and patterns. On the other hand, a rug that has a smaller size will blend with the other details and designs of your living room.  Thus, once you find the perfect size of a rug, you will only be left to pick the colour and design of your rug.

Vintage look

Though many prefer modern in the present times, there are few among us who have a soft corner for vintage designs. If you are someone like that, then you can opt for earthy and pastel tones that enable you to maintain the attractiveness of your living room while not overshadowing the other ornamental elements of your living room.

Make it cohesive

All of us while selecting the best area rugs for the living rooms tend to make a mistake. This includes choosing a rug only based on its appearance. Hence, when a rug looks attractive to us, we do not always give a second thought that whether it will align with the look of our living room. As a result, at times, we choose the wrong rug that gives a disproportionate look to our living room.

Therefore, when you choose a carpet for your living room, always look at the colours, size, and overall design and pattern and consider if it can match and improve the vibe of your living room. Once you do this, your living room with its new rug will look cohesive.

Create a good contrast

If you want to create a good contrast, then choose light colour rugs for dark-coloured floorings. On the other hand, if you have light-coloured flooring, you can do the opposite by selecting a dark colour rug. For example, the Daedal Jade Blue Mix is a rug that will be the perfect choice for your dark floors.

Fixing the flaws

In case you have some spaces in your flooring that are damaged or cracked, you can cover that place up with a rug. Additionally, if you decide to put a carpet over a blemish or a stain, then rugs can be a suitable option for you to hide or cover such stains and blemishes. Therefore, make use of luxury rugs to give a premium look to your home as well as to fix any existing flaws that can otherwise put off your living room’s appearance.


When decorating your living room, you have to choose rugs based on certain factors. These factors enable you to make your living room not only look but also feel the best so that when guests come over, they get an aesthetic vibe from your home.

Firstly, you have to choose a colour scheme for your rug that can also blend well with the look of your living room. This will enhance the warmth and texture of your entire room. In addition, you can always research some trendy designs while searching for rugs.

Some people like the modern style of carpets while others like vintage more. If you are someone who loves the former, then go for a minimalistic style for your carpets and if you like the latter then go for earthy and pastel tones.

The size of the rug is also crucial when it comes to deciding on a rug for your living room. Take all into your consideration to come up with a cohesive look. You can create a contrast with the colour of your rug with the flooring as well as you can cover up all the flaws in your living room with a good rug.

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