Ways To Incorporate Modern Abstract Rugs Into Your Living Room


As you're looking for ways to improve the aesthetic of your house, your attention usually wanders to the walls. The paradox is that you believe changing the colour of your walls is all it takes to make your house more dynamic. However, even your floor rugs may have a significant influence on your room. This "unlikely hero" can bring colours and textures to any area while softening the mood. There are an endless number of designs, styles, colours, and materials from which to pick. It may appear tough to select the appropriate one for your living room. Even so, the search is worthwhile since if you locate the right one for your space, you will be ecstatic.

Ways to Incorporate Modern Abstract Rugs

The fascinating part about abstract rugs is that there is no single way to characterise them. Like abstract expressionist paintings, they use lines, colours, and forms. To put it another way, there is no discernible pattern, a method to their madness, if you will. As a result, abstract designs are a terrific way to add individuality to your area while also providing visual pleasure. Abstract rugs can be interpreted in a variety of ways, which is just one of the many reasons you should have one in your home. Abstract rugs are bright and vivid and available in a variety of shapes and patterns, despite the lack of a precise pattern or design. This is why it might be difficult to know how to select an abstract rug when you're surrounded by so many different colours and patterns that can elicit a wide range of emotions in visitors. For example, depending on the design, an abstract area rug consisting of grey and blue hues may appear to some to be a stormy ocean, while to others, the same can appear to be relaxing.

We've gathered some abstract home décor ideas, as well as recommendations on how to incorporate them into your area, for your inspiration.

The Right Colour For Your Rug

The most fascinating aspect of having abstract rugs is that you get to choose how they impact the appearance of your area. You keep control of your area. You might also think about the colours in your room and what they signify to you. Do you get a warm or a cold sensation when you look at them?

You're nearly ready to start looking for abstract rugs for sale now that you know what sizes are available and what to search for. Whether you need an abstract area rug that matches your taste or a modern abstract rug that matches your home's hues, you must choose a colour and design that complements your environment. To do so, follow these steps:

Consider the existing colours of a room

To begin, do a thorough assessment of your living space's colour palette. To bring the room's appearance together, choose a rug that compliments at least two or three of the room's most prominent hues. If you go to a store, bring a moveable item of furniture, such as a throw pillow, and a colour sample of your major furniture or wall colours. When there are references, it is simpler to visualise how these colour patterns interact. Adhering to a colour pattern is a proven method to decorate your living room with abstract rugs.

Consider the amount of light in the room

Does your living room have enough natural light? Then go ahead and make it more appealing with a vivid or even dark-toned abstract rug. In case there’s a lack of the right amount of natural light, stick to a neutral colour rug to make your living space brighter.

Consider the purpose of the room

Evaluate if your rug will be placed in a high-traffic location. If you have young kids or pets, you should pick a long-lasting abstract rug with a fine synthetic blend that is simple to clean. It's also worth noting that a dark-coloured abstract rug will hide stains. If you have to acquire an abstract area rug, make sure you follow your instincts because not everyone has the same creative appreciation or sense of aesthetic value as you. When it comes to deciding which rug is best, nothing beats making your own decision. No one has a better understanding of your style than you. So, if you don't find a fashionable abstract rug fanciful, don't buy it.

The Right Design

A rug's design is what makes it a masterpiece. You may select your favourite designs by browsing for references online, or you can contact us and we'll walk you through the process. We can bring those created art pieces to life after you have a variety of living room abstract rug ideas. A design serves as a goal for a handcrafted rug, and coming up with a concept is an adventure in and of itself. You can use whatever design inspiration you choose. You may click through the designs, which range from floral to geometrical, to choose one that best complements your area and décor.

Consider the size of the rug

Choose a rug that is the right size for the room. A larger rug may make all the difference in bringing your space together - or not. Always choose the larger alternative; the additional expense will be well worth it. When selecting which direction to run the rug, use the room orientation as a reference. A rug should be placed lengthwise in a long room. Using painter's tape to indicate the location of your rug can aid in visualising the final appearance and is an expert tip that guarantees the rug is in the correct location from all angles.

Consider texture

Handmade and hand polished rugs will have a somewhat uneven surface texture. This is a hallmark of all hand-knotted rugs, but it will be especially true of those made from hand-carded and handspun yarns. Some abstract patterns may also include hand-carved high and low piles, which adds a more defined texture to the design that, while not required, can offer another depth.

Consider the room’s overall aesthetic

Assuming your primary piece of furniture, such as a couch, is a solid colour, an abstract rug with solid colours is a good choice. If your primary furniture is upholstered in abstract patterns or has complicated motifs, utilise plain colours. The colour scheme of an abstract rug's secondary colour should complement the colour of your sofa. In addition, the third rug colour in the concept should coordinate with your cushions, curtains, wall colour, or other room elements such as a picture, sculpture, or flower vase. Abstract rugs may serve as an anchor to the room, define the mood, and promote closeness due to their various colour scheme.

For the main pieces of furniture, such as your sofa, choose earthy colours like black, white, ash, grey, and brown, which are neutral. It is critical, however, that you have a wide area rug to complement your room. You'll be responsible for coordinating the various decorations, such as a throw cushion, a flower vase, and a painting, with your abstract rug on the floor. At least one colour from your rug should match the colour of an item to ensure you complete this assignment. Abstract carpets that are over-dyed are supersaturated. If you have the option, a rich wall colour, such as a deep, warm grey or a bitter chocolate hue, is great for blending both.

Make an honest assessment of the sort of modern abstract rug you desire. Make sure you're not making a decision based on common opinion. Whether you choose a classic or modern appearance for your area, make sure you have a matching rug to go with it. In this tip, a rainbow colour is used. Match your abstract carpets' rainbow hues to your flower vases, vivid paintings, and other artworks in your house.

Wrapping Up

One of the most appealing aspects of an abstract rug design is how easily it can be incorporated into modern spaces. Many homeowners choose neutral-coloured soft furnishings, walls, and window treatments, and when these elements are mixed in a room setting, the area might feel devoid of colour. In this case, a plain or brightly coloured rug may be too overpowering and feel disconnected from the rest of the room. This is when an abstract design shines. Many of these designs include creams and greys with soft colours for a subtle pop of colour. These patterns may be utilised to pull colours from and use them in other parts of the space.

It's just too brief to pass up the opportunity to have a good time. Allow your comfort to meet your budget. That appears to be a recurring issue, but the essence of the matter is your money. As a result, whatever sort of modern abstract rug you pick for your home, it should also fit your budget. The preceding ideas and advice, on the other hand, will make your job easier because they are inexpensive. Consider it while choosing the best design and colour for your area and ensuring that your comfort meets your budget.

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