Carpet buying done just right - for the customer’s delight

Hi. We’re Villedomo and who we have in mind is YOU. But who are you? We asked. Here is what you look like to us. You are a buyer with taste, who wants a nice carpet to fit his/her needs yet doesn’t really know who to ask or where to head to. And that’s not an assumption we’re making; we’ve done the grind; going into hours and hours of research into the problems a consumer faces in the process of buying a rug. And believe us, when we say, you’re not alone in your search of buying a carpet that’s just right for you.

From your budget, the vibes of your room, and your personal values to finer details such as the weave and type of the material, the twist of the fibers, the stitches on the edges, and the underpad, carpet buying can be a bit of a challenge, and here is where we come in. We bring to you a convergence of carpets under one roof; in a plethora of designs, styles, colours, textures, weaves, sizes and materials; so you find the one that best fits what you need, so you get “your rug” that too by clicking a button. Not too much hassle, is it?

In fact, that was our objective of launching Villedomo in the first place. We remain true to our promise of evolving into the No. 1 marketplace of carpets in India with plans to expand beyond our borders in the future. Our intentions are honest when we say that our business model is customer centric; how else would we have stood the test of time with a combined industry experience of over 20 years? We admit we feel good about the fact that we remain the first movers; delivering delight to your doorstep through being the one, single platform that prides itself for its innovation in marketing innovation, creating enjoyable customer experiences by offering best-in-market carpets and rugs at delightfully competitive prices.

Apart from you, we also have others in mind; like the artisans of our towns and villages, who sweat it out weaving every warp and weft with love, imagination, and dedication; the same values we stand for; reflected in our commitment to bring the buyer and the artisan together in their common pursuit of beauty that finds its roots in over 5000 years of heritage; from the first carpets in Akbar’s court to modern day masterpieces woven with the help computer-aided technology.

 And lastly, we have a significant other in mind; our planet with all her bounty and blessings. Therein, all our materials are sustainably sourced. Our footprints lie in our accountability to our Mother Nature and to the children who will survive us to live on and inhabit it; to the birds and the beasts whose habitats we care about, to the plants and the flowers who brighten our day, and to the air, water, and soil of this earth to which we are indebted, for our daily survival. To that end, we keep a constant vigil on our vendors, their manufacturing practices with periodic reviews of the ways in which they interact with the communities they’re responsible for.

But enough about us. Get your rug buying guide.

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