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It's tough to make your home stand out these days, owing to a lack of originality caused by the mass manufacturing of rugs and carpets. Rugs and carpets play an important role in giving your home a distinct personality when it comes to interior design. There are several varieties of rugs and carpets available. The dhurrie rug is one of the most overlooked gems. Dhurrie carpets are indigenous to India and are distinguished by their reversible flat weave as well as exquisite motifs and patterns. They are a one-of-a-kind decor element that will not go ignored when you enter your house. Furthermore, dhurries have a long history and significance.

A Dhurrie Rug or Kilims Rug

A dhurrie rug is a reversible flat-woven rug that lacks a pile and a backing, making it lightweight. Except that, they are quite durable due to their tight weave. Dhurrie carpets come in a variety of styles, with block printed dhurries being one of the most notable. Rugs are often woven on looms, and the weaving style contains techniques that have been used for generations.

The History Behind Dhurrie

Dhurrie carpets are made in India and the adjacent countries of Burma, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Dhurries were traditionally used as floor mats, bed covers, wall hangings, and mats for meditation and yoga. These graphic flatweaves and block-printed designs were created by women weavers and brides-to-be who were taught the craft at an early age. Each design was handcrafted with one-of-a-kind patterns that represented the weaver's personal history as well as religious or spiritual symbolism.

The Technique Used in Dhurrie or Kilims Rugs

Hand block printing is a very old style process of dying and dyeing cloth using wooden blocks that have been used by Indian artists since the 12th century. These one-of-a-kind rug patterns are the product of painstaking accuracy and training passed down from generation to generation. Wooden blocks with intricate designs are handcrafted by expert artisans. The colourful dyes are then applied to the blocks, which are finally imprinted on the fabric. When the designs contain many colours, each unique colour necessitates its block. The precise and regulated placement of these blocks on the handwoven linen results in a magnificent art piece for your home collection. Each rug is a work of art that represents an artisan's artistic talents and creativity through the mix of colours and textures. Since these carpets are handcrafted, they may not be as flawless as machine-printed ones, but it is part of their charm.

Dhurrie or Kilims Rugs Raw Materials

Dhurrie rugs are created from a variety of materials with varying degrees of strength, softness, and texture. Some are smooth and frigid to the touch, while others are soft and warm. Wool, silk, and cotton are common materials for handwoven rugs, as are bamboo silk, banana leaf, mohair, merino, and alpaca. Villedomo manufactures all of its items using solely cruelty-free materials. 

In terms of material preparation, once the yarn is chosen, there are several methods in which it can be knotted and weaved, twisted and looped to create a handmade rug. These various approaches result in a variety of textured surfaces, ranging from fine and flat to chunky and shaggy.

The Artisans behind making of Dhurrie or Kilims Rugs

Dhurries are handcrafted by expert artisans. Every stage in the rug's production is done by hand. It entails carving diverse designs on wooden blocks, preparing natural dyes, weaving the rug on a loom, and finally printing the patterns on it. This process is time demanding and requires a high level of accuracy. This ancient craftsmanship has been done for hundreds of years and is handed down from generation to generation. Rug creation is, for the most part, a family tradition, with the craft being passed down from father to son and mother to daughter. It is the only method for many families in the villages to maintain themselves and make a life. The growing popularity of dhurrie carpets encourages people in rural regions to live better and more secure lives. At Villedomo, we appreciate the fact that every order helps artisan families maintain their livelihood while also preserving this wonderful traditional craft.

Dhurries provide a sense of cosiness and comfort. A simple dark or light Dhurrie in an otherwise boring or neutral room may truly liven it up. Furthermore, Dhurries are lightweight and flexible, allowing them to be conveniently moved from one location to another. An easy home cleaning tip is to simply flip the Dhurrie over if one side becomes too dirty before placing it in the washing machine for a swift wash.

Dhurries have changed over time, with a wide range of shapes and varieties on the market. They are weaved all over India, with each region having its unique style, colour, and pattern. Dhurries are also well-known and in high demand across the world. The Dhurrie, which began as a plain rug that was less lavish than the carpet, has now evolved into a unique home decor item to acquire.

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