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The Handmade Rugs Collection

When you first start looking for handmade rugs, you'll quickly discover that these floor coverings can be extremely costly. A beautiful handwoven rug can easily cost thousands of rupees - in some cases, more than a lakh to acquire. Don't let this stop you from purchasing your favourite Indian handmade rugs. At Villedomo handwoven rugs are available in a variety of price ranges. If you don’t want to invest in the more expensive ones, keep looking. In the Handmade Rugs Collection, Villedomo showcases the best affordable and popular carpets of 2022 to glam up your space.

Our affordable handwoven rugs series are a terrific way to get the style you desire for less money. The collection of Indian handmade rugs by Villedomo includes a wide range of styles; like jute rugs, runner rugs, dhurries, and kilims, to name a few.

Decor style, size, pile, material, and indoor vs. outdoor are all factors to consider when choosing an Indian handmade rug. No one will ever guess that these handwoven carpets are so affordable. They're fashionable, well-made, and comfortable. If you're trying to furnish a high-traffic area of your house, such as an entrance or living room, you want to be sure the handmade rug you choose is both durable and of top quality. At a lower price range, this might be more challenging to attain, especially if you want something more than a plain solid handwoven rug. Thus, Villedomo's Handmade Rugs Collection is now available to meet your decorating needs.

You don't have to sacrifice style just because you're on a limited budget. The Handmade Rugs series will go great with your living room, entrance, bedroom, or workplace décor. The rugs are handcrafted from stain and fade-resistant plush fibres, making them perfect for high-traffic spaces. Villedomo's handwoven carpets are made of synthetic materials like viscose, although natural materials like wool and natural jute fibre, a plant-based material cultivated in the tropics, are also available. Outdoor rugs from the Handmade Rugs series are available in a variety of colour schemes, including multicolour, blue, natural, and grey. You can select from a variety of sizes, including rectangular and spherical forms. Even if a handwoven rug is put in direct sunlight, the fibres are engineered to prevent fading. These handmade rugs' biggest feature is that they can be hosed off for easy maintenance, making them an excellent choice for an informal dining space or lounge area.