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Villedomo - Designer Handmade Carpets & Rugs Online in India

Villedomo is the best marketplace to buy rugs online in India. We offer a wide range of products, from traditional Persian to modern contemporary designs amongst rugs and carpets for a home. We have been in the rugs business for over 20 years and offer our customers the best quality handcrafted rugs and carpets online as well as in-store. We provide you with a convergence of area rugs and carpets under one roof, in a cornucopia of designs, styles, colours, textures, weaves, sizes, and materials, so you can pick the one that closely aligns with your persona and preference. Whether you are looking for rugs for the living room or want to buy rugs online for your bedroom - Villedomo has it all!

We are staying true to our goal of becoming India's largest rugs and carpet marketplace, with ambitions to grow outside our boundaries in the future. We take satisfaction in being the first to market, bringing happiness to your doorstep by being the one, single platform that prides itself on marketing innovation, providing joyful customer experiences by supplying best-in-market carpets and rugs online, at a delightfully affordable price range.

Most importantly, you can now buy rugs online at the click of a button, from the comfort of your home. Our Villedomo Live View helps you to check a rug and carpet within the space you want to place it. Time to get comfortable with augmented reality (AR). The process is very simple! Remove all of the furnishings from the room you'd like to view. From our best online collection of rugs and carpets, select your favourite one. Scroll to the bottom of the tool and choose "View in AR”. Set the carpet on the floor. Then rotate and scale with both fingers. Take as many images and videos as you like to find the best carpet for the living room, bedroom, lounge and any setting you need. Once you find your carpet online, just click on purchase. With a simple click, buy your favourite carpets online, today! Tag us on Instagram, to get published on our page. Follow us online, and be the first one to know about our various offers and online carpet sales from time to time.

Looking for natural fibres that are both eco-friendly and renewable? Look through our selection of the best quality viscose and bamboo rugs and carpets for the home, light and breezy cotton rugs & carpets, and luxurious wool rugs. Nevertheless, fall in love with our shag rugs & carpets, which are ideal for placing by the side of your bed or in the centre of your living room. Vintage and Moroccan handmade rugs and carpets, with their magnificent designs based on customs from remote regions, are an inspiration, while Bohemian rugs bring a lovely flash of colour and unconstrained pattern to any space. Nothing makes us happier than finding the perfect rug for each area in your space, and we have the best rug for every room of yours. Look no further, Villedomo showcases the biggest collections of rugs online to meet all your decor needs. 

Choosing the size of a rug online might be difficult, but with so many sizes to select from at Villedomo, we make it simple to buy rugs online. Oversize and extra-large rugs & carpets, such as 10x14 area rugs and 12x15 area rugs, may effectively fill a whole room with a single pattern when you want to create the illusion of a larger space. 9x12 carpets are great for bigger living and family rooms and under king-sized beds. 8x10 carpets are large enough to accommodate beneath queen-size beds or to rest the front legs of living room furnishings. 6x9 rugs and 7x9 carpets are ideal for transitional or dining areas. Villedomo offers you luxurious rugs for all your décor needs.

When you're looking for a lively or tranquil mood, our collection of the best rugs and carpets for the living rooms offers softness underfoot. The carpets for the living room define the decor of your space where the entire family meets. Our kitchen rugs are durable, washable, and stain-resistant, allowing them to withstand regular spills and wear. Outdoor rugs are a terrific way to create discussion and lounging zones on any patio or deck. Finally, dining room rugs elevate every meal—just be sure to select the best rug & carpet that is large enough for your area, whether it is round carpetoval rug, square carpet, or rectangular carpet.

Along with our valued customers, we also have the artisans of our towns and villages in mind who are the creators of these amazing handmade rugs and carpets online. Weaving every weave with love, imagination, and dedication; the same values we stand for; reflected in our commitment to bring our buyer and the artisan together in their common endeavour of elegance, which has its roots in over 5000 years of heritage. Finally, we have in mind a significant other: our planet Earth. All of our resources are acquired sustainably. Our footprints are in our accountability to Mother Nature and the children who will live on and inhabit it after we are gone. To that aim, we keep a close eye on our vendors' production methods, as well as conduct periodic audits of how they engage with the communities for which they are accountable.

To select and buy authentic handmade Indian rugs & carpets online in India, with 100% buyer protection and free delivery across India, visit Villedomo, today! You’ll be delighted with our online collection of the best carpet designs, made just for you.