Rug Making Process

Weaving Techniques

  • Hand Knotted
  • Hand Loom
  • Hand Tufted
  • Dhurries & Kilims 
  • Machine Made

Rug Choosing Guide 

  • Size
  • Patterns
  • Shape
  • Pile
  • Knots per Inch 

Rug Care

  • Silk Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Bamboo Silk/Tencel/Viscose
  • Polyester/Polypropylene/Nylon
  • Cotton Rugs
  • Jute/Sisal/Coir/Hemp/Grass Rugs
  • Leather Rugs
  • Rubber Floor Coverings

Machine Made 

Feel the texture to be very smooth and you will know that it has been made in a Power Loom. Unlike Handloom rugs, which are woven by hand, these rugs are mass-produced in power looms in a carpet factory. The power looms are electrically operated and are controlled by a computer. The design is computer aided too with intricate patterns created by computerized tufting machines. While handmade rugs are created from natural fibers and have an uneven texture, rugs made in a power loom will mostly use synthetic fibers like nylon, art silk or polypropylene and are more uniform and perfect in terms of texture and execution. However, since they are artificial and essentially byproducts of convenience they don’t really have any appreciation value and can’t be categorized as a prized possession in any way. 

Fancy a power loom woven rug? 

A power loom woven rug may be your chosen option if you:

  • Need a rug at a modest cost  
  • Want a rug that is versatile in terms of designs, colours, patterns, textures, finishes, and budgets
  • Need different rugs for different rooms
  • Want rugs that are easy to maintain and clean
  • Need a rug that is child and pet friendly