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polyester rug
polyester rug


Mingled Dark Grey

from ₹3,759.00

Salt N Pepper

from ₹3,759.00

Fused Silver Beige

from ₹3,759.00

Fused Beige

from ₹3,759.00

Piebald Melange

from ₹3,759.00

Dunas Multi
Dunas Multi

₹8,112.00 ₹15,970.00

Granito Aurum


Plantas Multi Round


Dunas Multi Round


Plantas Multi
Plantas Multi

₹10,813.00 ₹27,210.00

Cleaning a Polyester Carpet & Rug

Any space is made more comfortable by a clean, fluffy rug. Area rugs can add warmth and comfort to your living room or den, as well as providing a cushion for your otherwise hard flooring. They can also add a splash of colour to your space. These can be composed of a variety of fibres, including natural wool, synthetic acrylic, even polyester.

A Polyester Rug

Polyester is a polymer formed from natural or synthetic fibres. Although a few naturally-made polyester textiles are biodegradable, the majority of polyester fabrics are not. Polyester rugs are available in a range of colours and styles, including fluffy and shag carpets.

Polyester Rug Maintenance

Cleaning a polyester rug is difficult since the rug's fibres tend to collect dirt and debris, whether they are natural or synthetic fibres. Due to its static qualities, shabby polyester rugs, like wool rugs, are particularly prone to accumulating dirt particles.

Shake it Off

Shaking off debris from the fibres of area rugs and small rugs is an effective technique to eliminate it. Take your rug outside or to a spot where it will be easy to clean. Place the rug on a hanger with the plush side facing outwards, if possible. Shake off any debris and grime with a paddle or a brush.

Vacuum Clean

Vacuuming your rugs may be the most convenient approach to clean your polyester carpets on a regular basis. Simply turn off the vacuum cleaner's beater bar and vacuum the entire rug as usual.This may be done on a regularly to  avoid dirt accumulation. You can use the following cleaning tools for a more thorough cleaning:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner and industrial rug cleaning powder or baking soda, dry clean your rug. Sprinkle the cleaning powder or baking soda over your rug and press the granules deep into the fibres with a carpet brush. Using your dry vacuum, suck up any surplus powder as well as any debris that may have accumulated.
  2. Semi-wash your polyester rug using a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning. Make a solution of laundry detergent and water, brush it into your rug, then vacuum the excess water and debris away with the wet mode of your vacuum.
  3. You might be able to wash your area rugs in the washing machine if they're small enough. Shake off any loose particles before tossing your area rugs into a half-filled washing machine with cold water. Use the suggested quantity of laundry soap and run the machine on the cold cycle. To rinse, replace the soapy water with clean water after cycling. Remove your rugs from the washer and hang them to dry on a clothesline. Avoid using the tumble dryer since it may cause your rug to lose its structure.
  4. Steam cleaners are great for eliminating dirt, lifting stains, and deodorising polyester rugs. A steam cleaner, which often comes with a detergent or solution that works on polyester material, can be purchased or rented at your local cleaning service store. Caution should be used while steam cleaning a rug or carpet. Remove any potential blockages from your rug or carpet, then follow the manufacturer's recommendations for using the steam cleaner with the carpet cleaning solution.
  5. You might be able to get away with spot cleaning your rug instead of a comprehensive clean for tiny spots. Use a fabric-safe spot remover or prepare your own with enough lemon juice and baking soda to form a paste and remove a stain. Allow this paste to dry on your rugs before brushing it away.

If in doubt, a reputable professional service will be able to preserve your rugs, regardless of its material.

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