Best Premium Rugs & Carpets online in India


Premium Rugs & Carpets
Premium Rugs & Carpets


Aroma Multi

from ₹14,700.00

Illusions Beige

from ₹65,576.00

Zen Blue Beige

from ₹27,332.00

Jaroka Beige

from ₹14,700.00

Citilite Beige

from ₹29,145.00

Marco Black Charcoal

from ₹14,700.00

Netto Beige Brown

from ₹16,947.00

Katiya Beige Round


Doumo Blue Round


Spectra Ice Blue


Heritage Gold

from ₹27,336.00

Valencia Multi


Mystique Grey Red

from ₹31,902.00

Dolce Grey

from ₹14,700.00

Laberinto Beige

from ₹76,141.00

Crocio Beige Brown

from ₹29,145.00

Cesta Hunter Grey

from ₹14,700.00

Baroq Sage

from ₹16,939.00

Palma Grey


Linea olive grey

from ₹15,675.00

Fiore Soft Gold

from ₹14,700.00

Zephyr Beige Teal

from ₹29,145.00

The Prémio Collection

Finding it difficult to create a luxurious atmosphere in your house on a budget? With our Prémio Collection, we are here to assist you. Whether you're on a budget or just can't afford to spend a lot of money on home decor, get your favourite rugs in this collection. We have all the right rugs in our Premio collection only for you.

Are you having trouble making your house appear more appealing? Rugs from our Prémio line are the perfect solution. They can alter any area, including the living room, bedroom, and even the dining room, from a basic space to a decorative one. You may simply bring distinction and comfort to your area by introducing these carpets. If you're having trouble finding the right design, you may easily match your rug's palette to your curtains or bedding.

Rugs and carpets from our Premio range are one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to decorate your home in style, whether they're beneath the sofa, at the foot of your bed, or in the entryway. Rugs are a simple method to bring vibrancy and comfort into your house without having to make major alterations like repainting or wallpapering. These rugs not only help you to add warmth and give an extra layer of comfort, but they also help you define your space.

When shopping for rugs and carpets for interior décor without burning a hole in your pocket, pay attention to the product's material, colour, and pattern. Choosing a pattern with intricate details or a material that appears to be of excellent standards, such as polyester or cotton, will quickly give you the ultimate luxury appearance and feel. Buying rugs and carpets to add a luxurious touch to your area might be expensive - but not when you choose your favourites from the Prémio Collection.