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traditional rugs and carpet
traditional rugs and carpet


Melange Grove

from ₹3,759.00

Overcast Verdure

from ₹7,832.00

Pearly Blooms Brown

from ₹3,759.00

Spectra Ice Blue


Heritage Gold

from ₹27,336.00

Valencia Multi


Mystique Grey Red

from ₹31,902.00

Granito Ebony


Umber Cryptic Setts

from ₹3,759.00

Vayu Golden Blue


Paradise Ivory


Paradise Soft Gold


Primordial Sapphire


Crimson Peerage


Empyrean Lineage

from ₹35,867.00

Azure Paladin


Bejewelled Belle

from ₹30,913.00

Vatted Grace


Knightly Leitmotif


Insignia Azure


Alate Desire

from ₹10,749.00

Rustic Hustle

from ₹10,749.00

Ivory Synopsis

from ₹10,749.00

Sovereign Cardinal

from ₹113,636.00

A Basic Guide to Decorate Your Space With Traditional Rugs

A rug that falls under the primary categories of Persian, Oriental, or any classic style is referred to as a traditional rug. Many traditional carpets are intricate, with a lot of fabric detail. The patterns that may be found now were created centuries ago, typically during the reigns of monarchs in various nations. Traditional carpets give a space a formal air while still providing a sense of comfort and refinement.

Asian and Persian designs, as well as European and Victorian forms, are common inspirations for traditional carpets. In terms of patterning and colour, these carpets are frequently regarded as elaborate and detailed. Floral arrangements, central medallions with hexagonal or octagonal designs, and other elaborate patterns are common throughout these periods. Traditional carpets' colour palettes are frequently pre-defined to represent their majestic and elegant implications. With infusions of jet black, think rich crimson, deep green, warm beige, and lush azure. The aforementioned colours are frequently used in traditional rug designs, and when combined with intricate patterns, they create one of the most opulent floor coverings available.

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Characteristics of traditional carpet

Certain features are frequently seen in traditional style. Traditional rugs, and even traditional furniture, can combine classic elegance with comfort.

Look for carpets with an 18th-century aesthetic, such as English refinement of French rural charm. Many traditional carpets will have a distinct border, several colours, and an intricate pattern. A scene or still life may be depicted in some cases.

Dhurries and Kilims are also considered traditional rugs, however, some may argue that their look is more tribal. The elements of a traditional rug definition might also include those of that particular style.

Traditional Carpet as Home Decor

Traditional carpets are frequently seen in neutral colours and go well with warm woods and golden accents. Traditional rugs and opulent curtains with decorations like tassels frequently go well together. The classic rug also complements furniture with smooth curves and soft edges.

Consider having a traditional rug as the last component in your home decor if you have paintings, chandeliers, crystals, candlesticks, or blossoms. Depending on the exquisite details, these carpets may offer a more feminine touch to a space, or they can add a robust, macho mood with rich colours and dark patterns. To break it up, match a traditional rug with a leather couch, chair, and lighter furnishings.

Take some time to look around your home and see whether a traditional rug will compliment your aesthetic. While a rug is a vital part of a room's decor, it can also be changed out if you want to modify the style or simply freshen the space. A traditional rug may help to bring your area together and finish it.