Rugs To Complement Top Interior Styles
The skill of decorating a residential house or commercial enterprise according to a client's tastes and style is known as interior decorating. Colour palettes, flooring materials, furniture, artwork, and accessories are all part of the process. It converts space into an aesthetically beautiful and cost-effective design.

Interior Decoration & Interior Designers Are Not The Same

Interior decoration is frequently confused with interior design. Interior decorators and interior designers are not the same things, even if they work together. Interior designers do the same things as decorators, but they must have formal education and be certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Interior decorators, on the contrary, are not obliged to have formal education or professional experience. Both engage with service specialists to finish design work, but interior designers may interact with constructors to alter structural characteristics. Interior design is a technique that gives its clients a range of incredibly attractive yet functional solutions for making better use of the space at hand. Interior design's purpose is to improve the consumer experience by better utilising the space available in the intervention environment.

Nowadays, more and more people see the actual value of having a place managed by professionals, with a presentation that is both comfortable and pleasant for everybody. Your interior decor style will always have particular qualities that make it unique to you, and every piece you choose for your house, whether it is furniture, lighting, accessories, upholstery, or anything else, should ideally speak of that distinct style and personality.

Your home reflects your personality, and because no two individuals are the same, no two houses are either. After all, it is the details that make or break a room. This is why you should pay special attention to the finishing touch in your room- the carpeting.

Interior Decor Ideas In Different Styles

When selecting a living room rug or a rug colour, consider your home's interior and existing features in mind. The perfect modern or classic rug will help anchor the area, whereas the wrong colour will result in decor profanity. Choosing a rug material or colour may appear to be a simple task, but with so many things to take into consideration, it may become confusing. And, while there are no hard and fast rules to follow when adorning your area, there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing your rug to guarantee that it blends in with your setting.
(We have some ideas for you to choose the right colour rug for your home.)

Interior design is an activity established by specialists in the area due to several obstacles. Essentially, it is a method of transforming the lives of people who live or enjoy a certain location by enhancing their quality of life using layout and decor. Here are the best interior decor ideas in different styles to enhance the appeal of your abode.

1. Vintage

For the antiquated homeowners who collect antiques and vintage items, their house is a museum of their aesthetic preferences. Furthermore, due to its ageless nature, this decor style is evergreen and has been fashionable forever. It enables you to transform your house into a vintage regality or to experiment with classic concepts to offer them new reinterpretations. And when it comes to vintage decor that includes oak wood furniture in vintage designs, nothing except classic, antique carpets will do the place justice. You may also choose reused, overdyed rugs in brilliant colours. Antique and vintage carpets are frequently hand-knotted in wool and/or silk and are timeless, making them precious treasures. There are several possibilities in terms of fabric, colour, designs, patterns, sizes, and so on, implying that there is a traditional rug for every home. There are wonderful selections for living room carpets with intricate classical designs. Hand-knotted area rugs or transitional rugs that combine the finest of classic designs with contemporary colour palettes to provide warmth, cosiness, and superb design aspects to your area are also options.

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2. Contemporary

You're misinformed if you assume modern and contemporary layouts are the same thing. Modern design aspects integrate trends spanning the previous 60-70 years, while contemporary design styles focus solely on current trends. Contemporary homes typically have a lot of marble, glass, and metal, which is balanced by colours such as dark blue, grey, black, and white. While the best contemporary rugs for this decor style are also available in neutral colours and geometric forms, you can always choose bolder and brighter colours and play with textures. For instance, consider putting a shag rug in your office or a magnificent hand-knotted overdyed area rug in your living room.

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3. Minimalist

When it comes to minimalists and their home design, it's all about the practicality of every single thing present in the room, but that doesn't mean it doesn't carry a visual punch. When it comes to the materials utilised and the functions fulfilled, every aspect must prioritise quality above quantity. This decor style is strong on neutral and pastel colour palettes, and wood and metals are two of the most popular elements. For these houses, we propose rugs made of natural fibres such as jute, hemp, bamboo, or sisal. These are reused and biodegradable, with wonderful simple designs and patterns that you'll adore. As a living room rug, they will not only offer a centrepiece but will also bind all of the features collectively.

4. Bohemian

The bohemian style, also known as the boho style, contains unique objects in its decor style that have unique backstories and are incredibly visually engaging. It is by far one of the easiest styles to experiment with. This is when traditional hand-knotted carpets in bright colours and unusual designs come in handy as a style lifesaver. They serve as excellent focal points and help to hook up the entire area together.
The terms "vintage" and "shabby chic" can be used interchangeably. It has three primary hues that are all neutral: brown, white, and grey. Chipped furniture, exposed brick, rusty chairs, and worn wood are examples of contemporary elements with antique-inspired aesthetics. It mixes vintage designs with contemporary components to produce a timeless, modern aesthetic.

5. Industrial

The industrial style is a trending decor concept that combines sharp design elements that are distinctive and edgy. It frequently has exposed brick walls, concrete flooring, distressed textures, pendant lighting, and so forth. And with this type of decor style, each element must stand out while the room still looks unified. So, for your industrial decor style living room, we offer shag rugs in dark colours or hand-tufted carpets with abstract motifs in neutral palettes to create a focal point.

6. Coastal

Coastal is the ideal design for individuals who wish to incorporate elements of the beach and water into their daily lives. It uses white, blue, green, and orange colour palettes. To create a relaxed ambience, accessories such as framed ocean reefs, seashells, wood accents, and casual furniture are used.

7. Country

Natural materials and rustic components are highlighted in country design to create an outside farm life ambience. Red is the main colour, with soft accent tones. Popular accessories include wicker baskets, pallets, and white porcelain elements.


Your design decisions have an impact on your subconscious, which may increase your quality of life and keep your house from pulling you down into an emotional quagmire. This is because our surroundings influence our mood, productivity, and attitude, so the appropriate design may at the very least provide sensations of relaxation and tranquillity, which aid in the creation of good vibes and compatibility in relationships. We offer a rug for every decor style and colour palette.
Our extensive range at Villedomo spans every decor genre and includes carpets that complement it wonderfully. So, go ahead and browse until you find the perfect rug for your fashion flair.

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