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contemporary carpet
contemporary carpet


Granito Sombre Brown


Coffee Verdure

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Mosaic Gray Blue


Mosaic Mocha


Paradise Silver


Soul Fantasy


Illusion Paradigm


Melange Multi


Cabalistic Motifs


Notional Hue


Glory Earth


Glory Autumn Blue


Glory Silver Fog


Jhalak Charcoal


Abstract Blue Multi


Abstract Multi


Motley Mania


Mosaic Beige Multi


Mosaic Granite Green


Mosaic Ivory


Mosaic Sky Blue


Paradise Emerald


Paradise Beige Gold


A Basic Guide - Contemporary Rugs

A  contemporary rug is a piece of artwork in itself. A modern rug definition is a broader fit than the style traditions set hundreds of years ago. This rug style may be as distinctive as the person who buys it. A contemporary rug may easily be distinguished from a traditional rug. While one has a more refined appearance, a modern rug can be lively, playful, formal, or romantic. A modern rug, regardless of colour, pattern, or style, is a one-of-a-kind item in itself.

Characteristics of Modern Carpet Designs

Some contemporary carpets resemble architectural blueprints, while others use strong colours, clashing motifs, or geometric designs. Most modern carpets have throwback aspects that are nearly art deco-like, while others are wholly unique pieces of art.

By most definitions, a modern rug will not look like any other rug you've ever seen. The designs are usually simple and trendy. Modern rugs have vivid patterns dispersed throughout the whole surface, while others contain a few striking pictures, such as a flower or other still life, positioned in a single area.

Modern Carpets become Home Decor

A modern rug may be more challenging to find. Choosing the ideal one for your house might be difficult with so many variations. Consider using a modern rug in conjunction with more diverse furniture or accessories. Contemporary and current styles frequently push the boundaries and inject a sense of playfulness into a space. It never hurts to include a little sass in your home decor.

When you're out shopping, keep these pointers in mind, and they should help you choose the perfect modern rug for your home:

  • Get the correct rug size: In a living room, for example, you'll want a rug big enough to cover at least the front legs of each piece of furniture. Because the rug runs under the furniture, it appears to be endless in size and hence bigger. Don't utilise the rug as a stand-alone piece of furniture, such as the coffee table. In a bedroom, you'll want the rug to run under the bottom of the bed. A smaller rug can look more like a bathmat as soon as you rise out from under the covers.
  • Don't conceal the rug: When choosing a contemporary rug, think about the sorts of furniture you have in your house. Consider a rug with an all-over design that can be seen even when the furniture covers portions of it. Select furniture with exposed legs and a more airy atmosphere if the rug has a single design feature, such as a huge flower or another item. You'll be able to appreciate the features of both your furniture and the carpet in this manner.
  • Combine patterns: If your furniture has a print, don't be afraid to include one in your rug as well. Looking for a design that is of a different size than the rest of your furniture is the best aesthetic rule to follow. The smaller design will serve as a background, while the larger pattern will stand out. Stripes, whether against a floral pattern, polka dots, or something more geometric, create a nice opposing design if you have a structure somewhere.
  • Ensure your furniture's style isn't going to alter very soon: Most individuals maintain their furniture for far longer than they retain their rugs. This might be advantageous. If you want to freshen or redesign the room, switching out a more cheap décor item, such as a rug, might be entertaining. However, if you don't love your furniture or know you'll be changing it up in the next year, think about having a better handle on your furniture design before investing in a rug.

When you know you understand your style, choosing a traditional vs. contemporary rug may seem obvious. If you're still indecisive, take a glance around the room and assess your belongings. What are you attempting to convey through the use of space? When you go in, how do you want to feel? These questions might assist you in determining which style is best for you.

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