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jute rugs and carpets
jute rugs and carpets


Everything You Need to Know About Jute Rugs & Carpets

Jute is a bast fibre since it is derived from the stalks of the plant rather than the leaves. Corchorus is the name of the plant, and it grows in India and Bangladesh's monsoon conditions. The humidity and warmth of the tropics work the long threads day in and day out. Jute becomes one of the softest natural fibres on the market as a result of this technique. However, it reduces the individual fibre's strength.

Jute Rugs are Soft

Jute fibres are one of the softest natural fibres we work with because of the humid, tropical atmosphere. Simply walking barefoot on sisal, seagrass, or jute, and your feet will always vote for jute. Perhaps it's partly because of the nubby knots that provide a gentle massage to your foot with each stride. And who wouldn't want to be a part of that? To summarise, jute carpets are quite pleasant to walk on. They give hardwood or tile floors a layer of comfort and warmth. For basement offices or rooms above a garage, this insulating characteristic is a nice addition.

Don’t Wet Your Jute Rug

Do not get your jute carpets wet! Water causes jute to produce oils, which brown the fibre as it dries. This creates a difficulty not only in terms of cleaning stains, as we'll discuss later, but also in terms of jute rug placement. Avoid putting your new jute rug in wet areas or places where spills are prone to happen. Jute rugs should be avoided in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and exposed outdoor patios. Furthermore, moisture paired with heat renders jute carpets prone to mould and mildew, reducing the fibre's resilience.

Jute Rugs Shed

Especially when they are fresh, jute carpets shed a lot. Jute is most certainly the most shedding natural fabric. As a result, jute's particular softness comes at a cost: frequent upkeep. Vacuuming with a strong suction regularly would suffice. Using a beater bar will degrade the cohesiveness of the fibres over time. You'll also have to sweep your jute rug more regularly than you would other rugs if you place it on dark tile or hardwood. We normally give our jute-loving consumers one additional piece of advice: Purchase a high-quality rug pad to lay beneath your jute mat. Surface friction and shedding will be diminished.

Jute Rugs Can’t Be Used Outdoor

Keep your jute indoors in general. It doesn't do well in hot and humid conditions. Jute will be permanently stained by water or any other mishap. In addition, of all the natural fibres used for flooring, jute is the least durable. Sisal tops the pack in terms of strength, followed by seagrass, wool, and finally jute. Outdoor rugs should be durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. A flat area rug made of UV-stabilised polypropylene or woven vinyl that is firmly woven will endure a long time outside. A jute rug outside might be acceptable in one situation: if your patio is covered and you live in a dry area. Take a look at our extensive outdoor rug collection for everything else.

Jute Rug Care

The first rule is to vacuum your jute rug regularly. Strong suction is bearable, but don't use a beater bar since it will break down the jute strands' cohesiveness over time. Vacuuming regularly will remove not just visible dirt and debris, but also small dirt particles that lodge between the fibres and create extra wear. It also aids in the control of shed fibres. Liquid spills, as previously said, are a different thing altogether. Your jute will become brown if you soak it in water. A black stain will be left by dirt particles brought to the top by a spill. Act quickly if a spill happens. Using a white paper towel or a clean absorbent cloth, dab the spill. Please don't rub! Trying to rub the liquid into the fibre will easily work it deeper into the fibre. Solids should be scooped up. To avoid excessive spreading, work inward from the spot's margin.

We recommend using a dry-cleaning chemical if you need to spot clean. Test your cleaning agent in a hidden location before following the manufacturer's directions. Clean as needed by a professional. Your jute rug should never be steam cleaned or wet-shampooed.

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One more suggestion and preventative step: Get a coarse walk-off mat for your front entrance to prevent dirt from being tracked inside. Additionally, to decrease surface friction and shedding, use a high-quality rug pad.